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IAB Annual Leadership 2013

Phoenix, 24-26 February 2013

Warc's US Editor, Geoffrey Precourt, reports from the IAB's Annual Leadership Meeting in Arizona.

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In this article, executives from Yahoo, AOL, Fidelity and Tremor Media discuss how their companies are formulating new strategies, and thus reflect the changing habits among their target audience.


In this article, Susan Wojcicki, of Google, outlines "5Cs" that she believes will be central to the future of digital marketing, in the form of Connect, Choice, Charm, Control, and Calibration.


In this article, Geoffrey Precourt, Warc's US Editor, examines how the IAB, the trade body, plans to transform perceptions of digital advertising.


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In this report, Geoffrey Precourt, Warc's US Editor, discusses a keynote presentation given by Nate Silver, the celebrated statistician, blogger and author, at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Thought Leadership conference.