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Most popular authors 2012 – J Walker Smith

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Since the shock of the 2008 economic collapse, there has been profound questioning of things that were previously accepted as gospel, such as globalisation.


Green issues might well have the attention of business leaders but McKinsey's most recent global survey of corporate executives finds sustainability initiatives being expected to move beyond corporate reputation to operational efficiencies and new markets and products.


Rapid GDP growth is China's strength but also its vulnerability. Environmental degradation, pressure on resources, production capacity gluts, real estate spikes and inflation are all threatening China's future prosperity.


This report from The Futures Company, part of its Future Perspectives series, examines the sources of growth for brands in a global economy where the middle class in developed countries has been squeezed by the financial crisis.


All brands are local at heart, with the potential to be global. The history of globalisation can give a hint of where brands are headed in a global market where uncertainty has become a key to shaping consumer decision-making.


Consumer attitudes have changed in America as a result of the economic recession and continuing unemployment.


The report 'Unmasking Millennials: The Truth Behind a Misunderstood Generation' corrects prevailing misunderstandings about Millennials, including the ten truths set out in this article.


The year to come promises to be a big one, not only because big things are unfolding, but because marketers need for big things to happen.