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Most popular authors 2012 – Laurie Young

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This Best Practice paper explains how to position a brand, arguing that effective positioning needs to be distinctive, appealing and relevant.


This paper provides an overview of segmentation and the way in which it is used to identify groups of potential customers who are clustered around common, identifiable traits, and to understand how they may best be reached and how they will respond to different messages and appeals.


When marketers who are experienced in the fmcg sector change to the world of B2B, many find it unnervingly different and difficult.


Brand loyalty is a commonly-used marketing term which is not precisely defined or understood. Company after company has begun to focus on retaining existing customers as much as, if not more than, on gaining new ones.


Behavioural marketing is the systematic attempt to understand people using ideas, concepts and models of human motivation and action drawn from disparate fields including psychology, consumer studies and economics.


The obsession with newness seems to have blinded many in the marketing community to the infinitely more valuable payoff of long-standing brands.