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Case Study

Telco du boosted engagement and sales of its internet and entertainment services with a multi-channel campaign in the United Arab Emirates.

Case Study

Youth rehabilitation charity Whitelion used a multichannel strategy to reframe the charitable-giving narrative and increased its number of long-term givers in Australia.

Case Study

US-based lube brand K-Y created a platform to normalise conversations about women's sexuality through a docuseries in order to regain lost market share.

Case Study

Coffee brand OldTown White Coffee increased sales and market share by targeting millenials with a multichannel campaign.

Case Study

Skincare brand Neutrogena used an innovative programmatic campaign to drive awareness and trial of its new Hydro Boost product in Argentina.

Case Study

Digital prepaid brand ookyo gamed the eSports space to its advantage to increase brand awareness and boost sign-ups in Malaysia.

Case Study

Spreadable cheese brand Puck used an edutainment strategy to increase sales in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Case Study

Nike created buzz around its fastest running shoe, the Next%, to cut through the lifestyle clutter of the running shoe market in China and make its 'Dare to Be Faster' message powerful enough to have a halo effect across mass audiences.