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Case Study

This case study explains how Murphy's Stout, a beer brand, used a mobile app to target male beer drinkers aged 25-40 in county Cork, Ireland.

Case Study

This case study describes a campaign in Ireland by Murphy's, the beer brand owned by Heineken, which used a mobile phone app to target men aged 25-35.

Case Study

Campaign in 1998-9 by BBH for Murphy's stout (Whitbread). Objective: position differently from Guinness, in a market in long-term decline.

Case Study

Campaign to position Murphy's Irish stout as an alternative to Guinness with its 80% share. By 1993 Murphy's had had some success, but future looked uncertain; distribution was difficult and brand was beginning to face delisting.

Case Study

Murphy’s Irish Stout was launched in the UK not as an alternative to Guinness but as complementary to it and was positioned as a premium beer.

Case Study

1989 test campaign for Murphy's Irish Stout, after Whitbread took on the licence in 1988. The brand's problem: in the shadow of Guinness, and seen as a cheap look-alike.