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Vodafone Fakka
JWT Cairo

Vodafone promoted micro credit recharge cards in a way that built on local culture by positioning these cards as "fakka" (small change), to be given out by shopkeepers. TV ads promoted the new project, boosting Vodafone's per-customer revenues across Egypt.

Case study authors: Hubert Boulos and Hatem El Kashef

Small Business Saturday
American Express
Digitas/Crispin Porter + Bogusky

With this campaign, American Express set out to surpass its previous year's benchmarks for Small Business Saturday, an event dedicated to changing how Americans regard small businesses. To achieve this, the financial services firm used hyper-targeted display ads, social media and one-to-one outreach.

It's More Fun in the Philippines
Philippines Department of Tourism
BBDO Guerrero

The Philippines used a low-budget strategy to tackle an image problem that prevented potential tourists from visiting the country. Using Filipinos themselves as the inspiration for the campaign, the slogan: 'It's more fun in the Philippines' captured the attention of the whole nation – and the world.

Case study author: Cristina Buenaventura

Thank You, Mom
Procter & Gamble
Wieden + Kennedy Portland

To publicise P&G's sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympic Games around the world, the 'Thank You, Mom' campaign was created to honour the role mothers play helping their kids to reach their full potential. Ads featured the mothers of Olympic athletes, as well as the athletes themselves.

Contributing agencies: AdMaster, Baidu, Tencent (China); Carat New York, Taylor Strategy, DeVries Global, MediaCom Beijing

Overstay Checkout
Art Series Hotels
Naked Communications Melbourne

The 11am hotel checkout time is one of travellers' biggest grievances. So the Overstay Checkout, a world-first checkout system based on hotel capacity, was born, enabling guests to check out only when their room was needed for the next guest. This innovation attracted major media coverage.

Case study authors: Adam Ferrier and Lach Hall

Daily Twist

To celebrate OREO's 100th birthday, 100 OREO ads were developed over 100 days in real time and spread through the brand's social networks, showing the trending news of the day through the playful eyes of an OREO cookie. The Daily Twists have been seen more than a million times in total on Facebook.

Case study authors: Auro Trini-Castelli, John Campbell and Susan Polachek

Contributing agencies: Weber Shandwick, Starcom MediaVest Group

Smoking Kid
Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation employed a new approach called 'inside-out reflection' to promote its stop smoking 'Quitline'. The 'Smoking Kid' was used to create a situation where smokers found themselves in a situation in which their own voice served as the warning message.

Case study authors: Sutatip Chadavadh and Kusuma Kusoltawee

Old Parts for New
ORBIS International
Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong

To raise money for a charity for the vision-impaired, this campaign dramatised what happens to the decommissioned parts of the charity's ageing aeroplane: being sent for scrap. The charity reclaimed this metal, and made it into collectable badges that were then sold to supporters.

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Real Beauty Sketches
Ogilvy & Mather São Paulo

This campaign confronted women with their own self-perceptions: in a video seeded online, an FBI trained sketch artist drew his subjects based on both their self-descriptions and those of people who had met them only recently. The video, which showed the women realise that other people view them as more beautiful than they do themselves, became the world's most watched online film.

Contributing agencies: PHD International, Mavens of London, Edelman

Car Creation
NRMA Insurance

Research into competitors revealed that many do not insure car parts which NRMA, a car insurance provider, covers as standard. This insight led to building a working car out of all the parts that other insurers don't cover, with this then forming the core theme of the campaign.

Case study authors: Hristos Varouhas and Bridget Cleary

Dumb Ways to Die
Metro Trains Melbourne
McCann Melbourne

This campaign strategy revolved around creating content people would choose to watch and share. Enter a three-minute, black humour infused music video called 'Dumb Ways To Die', which was seeded through the target audience's social networks of choice and became a cultural phenomenon.

Case study authors: Karl Bates, Adrian Mills and Danish Chan

The Next Big Thing is Already Here
Samsung Galaxy

This campaign positioned the GSII as a direct rival to Apple in terms of innovation and as the clear leader of the Android-based mobile phone market. It took a humorous approach: ads showed consumers queuing for a smartphone launch (mimicking Apple fans) only to become diverted by nearby people using the GSII.

Legendary Journey
Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

This global campaign for Heineken aimed to justify the product's price premium over rivals and maintain sales growth with ads that embraced the company's globalism and universality. It was Heineken's first consistent global campaign across its 170 national markets.

Volunteer to Promote Volunteering
SEEK Volunteer
Leo Burnett Melbourne

SEEK volunteer, a charity, already had a website to help all not-for-profit organisations find volunteers. In order to publicise the site, this campaign encouraged companies to "volunteer" media space to promote volunteering. As the word spread, people then also "volunteered" personal spaces such as blogs and tweets.

Will and George Come To Life
Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Arc/Iris Mobile

This campaign used a creative stunt to promote a musical and drive ticket sales, with a limited budget. The cast of a musical being put on by the theatre entered a city art gallery and performed a song, creating the idea that the characters had jumped off a canvas to perform – building media buzz.

Contributing agency: Leo Burnett Chicago

Help a Child Reach 5
Lowe India/SapientNitro/PHD

The campaign idea was to adopt the village of Thesgora, which had the highest number of diarrhoeal child deaths in India, and tell the story of its children through compelling content, with the hand-washing message as a binding thread. Through this activity, it promoted health for children aged under five.

Case study authors: Varsha Chawda, Jane Dorsett and John Gamvros

I'm Amazing
DDB Hong Kong

This campaign was based around a competition, which aimed to encourage creativity in Hong Kong children. They were encouraged to submit their own creative ideas and designs for a new McDonald's outlet: winners then had their ideas incorporated in the restaurant itself.

Flavors of Life
Wrigley's Extra
BBDO China

Wrigley’s Extra found its market share was eroding in China and it wanted to reposition itself as an automatic habit after meals. Based on insight into Chinese young urban adults’ relationship with food, the campaign revolved around a four-part film of a love story, shown online and on TV.

Case study author: Owen Smith

I Have Already Died
ALS Foundation Netherlands
Publicis Amsterdam/Starcom MediaVest

The ALS Foundation is a charity for a progressive neuro-degenerative disease. The campaign, which depended on free ad space, featured people, or words from people, with the disease. When their words were published, the person featured had already died from the disease. The campaign increased awareness of the disease from 60% to 89%.

Contributing agency: Vivaki Exchange

Share a Coke
Ogilvy & Mather Sydney

To re-connect with users, Coca-Cola printed 150 of the most popular Australian names on its bottles. This was extended across kiosks that would print names by request on cans, then more names were voted for through social media. This simple idea was then rolled out around the world.

Case study author: Gerald Cyron

From Crying to Buying
John Lewis
adam&eve DDB

This UK retailer made the bold choice of using highly emotional advertising, particularly on TV. The high-profile campaign then generated a huge amount of interest in the brand. It resulted in more shoppers visiting its stores more frequently and increased their average spend.

Case study authors: David Golding, Helen Weavers and Paul Knight

Contributing agencies: OMD UK

Shave Sexy
BBDO China

Gillette, the shaving brand, launched 'Shave Sexy' in China: a lighthearted idea underpinned by a bold shift in communications strategy. 'Shave Sexy' was an 'unbranded' social experiment to prove that wet shaving could arouse female interest. The campaign eventually reached 197 million people.

Case study author: Jason King

Contributing agency: @PR CONSULTING Shanghai

Cricket Stars
Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai

The UAE has large numbers of low-paid South Asian migrant labourers with a shared love of cricket who regard soft drinks as an affordable energy source. So Sprite organised a cricket tournament for them: as a result of high levels of participation, brand metrics improved amongst this group as did demand for the brand.

Case study author: Evan Kearney

Contributing agency: UM MENA

The Most Popular Song
Banco Popular Puerto Rico
JWT Puerto Rico

Banco Popular, the banking group, confronted a social norm of welfare dependency in Puerto Rico through music. A famous salsa band was convinced to re-write the lyrics to one of its songs, which was then used as part of a positive social movement promoting progress and employment. The campaign ran across TV, radio, print, outdoor and social media.

Case study author: Luis Toledo

Kilauan Emas
Grey Singapore/London

As there were no products like denture adhesives in Malaysia, consumers were sceptical of their benefits. As a result, they developed a campaign highlighting the benefits of using Polident by creating a branded TV singing show Kilauan Emas (Golden Shine) with Malaysian TV channel Astro Prima.

Case study author: Charu Aggarwal Harish

Keep Her In The Game
Gatorade/Women's Sport Fdn.
TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles

This campaign was set up to keep teenage girls in sports throughout their teenage years. It was driven by the fact that many teenage girls drop out of sports to pursue the roles that society has placed on young females instead. Gatorade activated the camapign via a variety of online and traditional media.

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We Know You're Going To Love It
KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese
Crispin Porter + Bogusky

The brand had to counter perceptions of being 'foreign food' and contrary to the Hispanic tradition of preparing food from scratch. The research-driven campaign idea – 'It will make you more happy, not less Latino' – played out across TV, radio, online and print, raising sales in test stores by 4%.

Contributing agency: Starcom MediaVest Group Chicago

Mezamashii Run Project

Mizuno faced a tough expansion challenge due to traditionally high customer loyalty in the running shoe category. So it reinvented its trial experience to allow potential customers to try running in the shoes – and successfully activated the campaign via blogger outreach, brand partnerships and online ads.

The Great Paper Airplane Project
Pima Air & Space Museum
BBDO San Francisco

Instead of traditional advertising, the client and the agency hatched a scheme to teach applied lessons in maths and science through a paper-airplane competition that led to the design, construction and flight of the largest known paper airplane in history. This translated into record museum attendance numbers.

Case study author: Matt Hermann

Contributing agency: Hunter

Cultivate A Better World
CAA Marketing

Chipotle wanted to emphasise its commitment to sourcing more local produce and sustainably-raised meat than its rivals. So its emotion-led 'Cultivate A Better World' campaign included a content marketing platform featuring an interactive online game, a music, food and ideas festival, a campaign film and a TV ad.

My Blood is Red and Black
Leo Burnett Tailor Made

HEMOBA, a Brazilian blood bank, partnered with a football team to increase blood donations through a strong emotional driver: the affinity fans feel with the team they support. Football team Vitoria removed the red stripes from its uniform, promising to put them back as people donated blood, leading to a rise in donations.

Feel Tip Top
Tip Top
Colenso BBDO

Tip Top enjoyed strong recognition, as an old, established brand, but was finding it difficult to connect with younger consumers. For the campaign, people nominated someone through social media to receive ice cream, which the company would then deliver. These deliveries were filmed and shared on television and online.

Contributing agency: Proximity New Zealand

We Hear You
Paddy Power
Crispin Porter + Bogusky London

Paddy Power, the bookmakers, reinvented itself as a social brand in order to empower sports fans and increase revenue. In this campaign it sought to become part of the everyday culture that surrounds sport by giving 'punters' a voice through a series of stunts that expressed what they were saying on social media.

Case study authors: Gavin May and Ruth Chadwick

Sonic Firsts
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

The launch of the Chevrolet Sonic took an integrated multi-platform approach, with stunts including Sonic entering the Guinness Book of Records for becoming the first car to be launched as a skydive and bungee jump. This initiative then resulted in extensive brand chatter, boosting the Sonic's fame.

Contributing agency: Carat New York

1M Launch
Cundari Toronto

This campaign centred on BMW's "MPowered" precision performance films which highlighted the 1M's performance qualities. A BMW Canada YouTube channel was launched to house the various 1M films, backed by a teaser video ran in cinemas, digital boards and magazine inserts. The campaign exploded, with 3m views in two weeks.

Pain Squad
Hospital for Sick Children
Cundari Toronto

Cancer patients at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children are required to record their experiences with pain in a "pain diary". This campaign was for Pain Squad, an app-based evolution from the old paper diaries that made the process a lot more engaging – and raised diary completion rates.

Don't Go Home
Cole Haan
BBH New York

Cole Haan, a shoe retailer, used an innovative, night-time out-of-home campaign during New York Fashion Week to target fashion conscious consumers aged 24-45 and reposition its brand. It was launched with ads in storefronts and fun, live events.

Contributing agency: Deep Focus

Febreze Olympics
Grey New York

Febreze, P&G's odour eliminator brand, embraced P&G's sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympic Games by aligning with the Azerbaijani Wrestling Team to demonstrate to US mothers how Febreze can take on even the toughest sports odours. The campaign drove an 8.7% increase in sales over the previous year.

Contributing agencies: Possible Worldwide, MSL Group

The Liberation

ONLY, the fashion retailer, reversed declining sales in Europe with an interactive content-led campaign, based around an interactive film called 'The Liberation', which functioned as a fashion catalogue, movie, game, music video, and an on-demand video retail environment.

Case study authors: Lars Samuelsen and Charlotte Porsager

Pacquiao Positive
Sting PowerPacq Energy Drink
DDB Philippines

The campaign used a stunt to generate gossip about the launch of a new energy drink. Initially the brand was hidden to generate interest, with the celebrity (boxing star Manny Pacquiao) then declaring his being 'positive' for the brand at a press conference. As a result 'buzz' around the brand increased and sales increased by 5.5%.

Case study authors: Danz Holandez and Junie de Leon

Up At The O2

O2 wanted to capitalise on its sponsorship of the O2 Arena during the London Olympics, even though a brand blackout during the Games meant that the venue was renamed the 'North Greenwich Arena'. So the company used a fully branded rooftop walkway above the arena, emphasising the brand's connection to the venue.

A Roommate Worth Having
303Lowe Perth

To create excitement around the delivery of the new IKEA catalogue and inspire people to keep it for the full year, the creative strategy for this campaign was to "rent" the space that the catalogue occupied. Once registered, consumers would receive "rent cheques" that could be spent in-store.

Case study author: Al Taylor

DDB New Zealand

With this campaign, Steinlager Classic, a New Zealand beer brand owned by Lion Nathan, leveraged its home country's hosting of the Rugby World Cup, in spite of its rival Heineken being the official tournament sponsor. Its solution was to reintroduce its can design from 1987, the last time New Zealand won the cup.

Hard, Fast & Effective
British Heart Foundation
Grey London

This campaign, for a heart charity, had to overcome a lack of public knowledge about how to perform CPR. The resulting creative featured a funny and memorable dance lesson - "Hard and Fast" - demonstrating how to do hands-only CPR. A TV-led strategy was supported by digital, social and viral activity.

Terracotta Warriors
Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai/Maxus China

This campaign in China aimed to make the UPS brand more relevant. Ads, aimed at well-connected small business owners, told the story of how the company transported China's Terracotta Warriors, the famous historical icons, around the US. Conversion rate, unaided brand awareness and brand perception all then grew.

Contributing agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm, MSL Nordic, Atomgruppen

Who Needs Another F****** Pollen Count
JWT London

This campaign created a "social pollen count", using official pollen count data combined with geolocated tweets and official contributions via the campaign website. Users could then access more local and relevant allergy information, positioning the brand as a trusted information source.

Case study author: David Carr

Triumph Essence Launch
Triumph Essence
Geometry London

For the launch of a new product line, Triumph, the lingerie brand, organised a live event in London's Selfridge's department store. A digital augmented reality experience was developed which allowed women to see what products would look like on virtually. This was backed by ads in train stations on the day of the launch.

Not Your Average Chocolate
BBDO New York

This campaign brought the M&M's brand to life with the introduction of a new sixth M&M's character: Miss Brown. The campaign was launched via a high-profile TV ad during the Super Bowl, with activity backed by digital media.

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Great American Try-On
Ogilvy & Mather New York/OgilvyAction

With this PR-led campaign, Depend, a manufacturer of adult absorbent underwear, countered both embarrassment and a 50% price premium over private-label alternatives to persuade American baby boomers encountering incontinence for the first time to try its innovative new products.

Contributing agencies: Organic, Mindshare New York

Fair Go Bro
Virgin Mobile
One Green Bean/Havas Sydney

This campaign by Virgin Mobile in Australia increased revenue by targeting two key groups: 'live wires' (young, always on consumers) and 'straight talkers' (pragmatic, lighter users). It used Doug Pitt, the less-famous younger brother of movie star Brad Pitt, through several stages of the campaign to engage consumers with the brand.

Case study author: Phil Johnston

Slim Jim Man Medicine
Slim Jim
Venables, Bell & Partners

Slim Jim was looking to extend its popularity in the US beyond its loyal following of teenage boys. To achieve this, it offered humourous advice to young men experiencing the disorder of 'Man Spice Loss' as they assumed the responsibilities of long-term relationships and full-time employment.

Contributing agencies: Communicus, MediaCom, Edelman, Starcom MediaVest Group

Upgrade to Canada
Canadian Tourism Commission

With this campaign, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) used social media including YouTube to target two groups of French and German consumers. In partnership with Expedia, the online travel operator, CTC gave people an opportunity to 'upgrade' to a trip to Canada at the airport, with their reactions recorded and put online.

Contributing agency: MediaCom

To Your Armpits and Beyond!
MediaCom Mexico City

This campaign tackled a taboo subject, by asking its audience of Latin American men to consider shaving parts of their body they hadn't considered shaving before, thereby raising demand for blades. To achieve this, the brand highlighted research showing that women find men with a shaved body more attractive, via ads and social media.

Contributing agencies: BBDO, Starcom Mediavest Group, AlmapBBDO

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Transform Your Patch

This campaign reached out to local communities by contributing to the regeneration of outside spaces throughout the UK. The brand, working in collaboration with a local charity, helped transform five-a-side football pitches, communal parks and picnic areas and skate parks.

Hover Car
Proximity Beijing/Goodstein & Partners

Volkswagen needed to regain lost consideration in an increasingly competitive Chinese market and connect with 'New China' by raising awareness and improving perception of innovativeness. To achieve this, the brand launched the People's Car Project: an online platform that encouraged customers to design their own dream car.

Share to Go
Samsung Galaxy

Samsung promoted its Galaxy S III smartphone via ads featuring an NFC panel. These ads were placed where people often had 'downtime' such as in airports, cinemas and malls. The ads allowed Galaxy owners to download useful and interesting information, and kiosks allowed them to download e-books and music.

Contributing agencies: Starcom MediaVest Group

Festival 140 Caracteres
Festival 140 Caracteres
Sancho BBDO

This campaign was based around the idea of a "social media film festival", which brought together movie-loving Latin Americans via the power of Twitter, the micro-blogging service. Users' tweets were used to encourage short film makers: the festival then received over 350 short film entries.

Contributing agencies: OMD, Sístole

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Dive Into Love
PHD Shanghai

This campaign targeted young lovers in China with a series of four 12-minute films focusing on different things about love. These four films were seeded online and also broadcast on TV, with Youku, the Chinese video-sharing site, the main campaign platform.

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This TV-led campaign dramatised the amount of work and technical innovation that went into a single millimeter of a new Audi car. Distance was dramatised in the spot, for example by highlighting the fact that an Audi rear light is recognisable at a distance of one kilometer. TV activity was also backed with print and digital ads.

Canada, Keep Exploring
Canadian Tourism Commission
DDB Canada

This integrated campaign was based around the sharing of authentic traveller-to-traveller experiences. These experiences were gathered together in an interactive blog, backed up by YouTube, TV and Facebook activity. Following this activity, Canada became the number-one ranked country brand in the world.

Case study author: Michelle Kitchen

The OFW Project
McCann Philippines

This campaign for Coca-Cola focused on a difficult issue in Filipino society: the tough times Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) face during Christmas. So Coca-Cola told the stories of OFWs who've been away from their families for a long time, filmed their reunions with family and posted these films on YouTube.

Case study author: Genevieve C Cruz

Sharing the Blessings
DDB Hong Kong/OMD

This campaign aimed to promote McDonald's during Chinese New Year. It required the invention of a "McGreeting", through which families and friends could share their personalised blessings over the year ahead. Over 1 million Hong Kong residents used the campaign's app over the first month.

Don't Make Up And Drive
Tribal DDB Berlin

There are 500,000 crashes caused each year by women applying make up and cosmetics when at the wheel. So Volkswagen launched a deliberately shocking campaign, based around a YouTube star who became famous through her makeup tutorials. The campaign video has since received over 1.5 million views.

GED Pep Talk Center
Ad Council
DDB Chicago

The GED Pep Talk Center, an online platform featuring celebrity motivators with various personas, was created to attract, engage, and inspire potential GED students by encouraging them to locate and visit a local GED preparation centre. The campaign generated 145,000 searches for local GED centres.

Builders of Sound
Serviceplan Munich

LEGO used this campaign to promote its Star Wars product range in Germany by building a LEGO-powered barrel organ and taking it on a tour of cinemas. An accompanying microsite also allowed fans to crank the handle virtually. During the promotion period, LEGO Star Wars was among the top-selling toys in Germany.

CNN Ecosphere
CNN International

CNN launched the Ecosphere Project, a real-time Twitter-driven online visualisation of the global climate change discussion on the internet, which also fed content into CNN's broadcast coverage of a United Nations environmental conference. The platform generated 6.7 million earned media impressions.

Find Your Greatness
Wieden + Kennedy Portland/Shanghai

This campaign turned what could be a disadvantage – the fact that Nike wasn't an official Olympic sponsor – to an advantage. Ads emphasised the achievements of ordinary people, encouraging them to find the greatness within. This idea was rolled out around the world across digital and traditional media.

Case study author: Rodion Yudasin

Contributing agencies: Mindshare, AKQA, Razorfish

Cage Home Campaign
Soc for Comm. Organisation
Publicis Hong Kong

This campaign achieved big results on zero media budget. In order to promote a small charity in Hong Kong, "interruptive" tactics were used, including street marketing, posters, eDM and a live exhibition – all of which dramatically illustrated the societal problem of bad living conditions.

You're Not You When You're Hungry

Snickers' big global idea, 'You're not you when you're hungry', delivered creative work that got people talking about the brand. Using celebrities and big media placements, a variety of television ads displayed iconic females embodying certain hunger traits set in male-focused settings.

Case study author: Alex Lewis

Contributing agency: BBDO

Made for You
Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai

In order to promote Vodafone's 1-2-1 service in India, this campaign highlighted a new product offer that allowed users to select bespoke phone plans based on their current mobile usage. The message was promoted via TV and online ads.

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Wyeth Learning Surprise Video
OMD Hong Kong

This campaign was based around an online educational platform for parents to learn from each other's experiences. The innovation was that it was based around online videos. In the first three months of the campaign, over 400 videos were submitted by users.

Contributing agency: AGENDA

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Make the Politicians Work
Voskhod Yekaterinberg

Ura.ru, a Russian blog, used a PR stunt to gain awareness and new readers. The state of the roads is a common problem in Yekaterinburg, so Ura.ru painted the faces of the Mayor, Vice-Mayor and Governor on three potholes in the city centre. The news and link to Ura.ru became a viral sensation in Russia.

Doggy Trash Can
Cao Sem Dono

The societal problem of abandoned dogs was dramatised by this campaign, which used a live activation. A recycling bin was placed among other bins on the street – but this bin played the sound of a crying dog to passers-by. When opened, they could take a brochure of dogs to be adopted.

Art Series
NY City Ballet
DDB New York

The NYCB attracted a younger audience via special art-themed events and a social media push. The campaign centred on a price promotion for some special NYCB performances, attracting young people via collaborations with visual artists for a special exhibition in the venue, an after-party with free beer and a DJ spinning during intermission.

Neighbourhood Fixers
BBDO Belgium

This campaign emphasised the brand's social responsibility. Ads encouraged people to propose a meaningful community project with online and offline tools made available to support the projects. The public were then able to vote for their favourite project on a dedicated campaign website.

Mobile Medic
Defence Force Recruitment
GPY&R Melbourne/VML

With this campaign, the Australian army challenged medical students to diagnose real-life injuries and ailments displayed on posters and billboards that linked to an augmented reality app. Via the app, students could use virtual stethoscopes and CT scans, among other tools, to aid their diagnosis – and help them feel closer to the brand.

Grazed on Greatness
MJ Bale
Whybin\TBWA Sydney

The 'Grazed on Greatness' campaign highlighted MJ Bale's passion for provenance. The ads pointed out that the wool the brand's suits were made from was infused with Australia's greatest cricketing victories, thereby making the nation's sports lovers view them in a more positive way.

Case study authors: Hristos Varouhas, Will Nichols and Paul Bradbury

Susan Glenn
BBH New York

Axe, the body-spray brand, targeted young men in the US by repositioning the brand with more mature, relevant messaging. The campaign used an example of one girl - Susan Glenn - and explained how Axe could help men conquer their fear and 'get' their own 'Susan Glenn'. Overall Axe value share increased by 20bps.

TBWA\Santago Mangada Puno

Pacific Paint, a paint company in the Philippines, strengthened the brand's environmental credentials with an innovative outdoor project. The campaign idea was that the paint should be used to line the walls of EDSA, a notoriously polluted highway, and due to its unique properties turn these painted walls into a giant air filter.

Shaking Up the Campaign and Winning
Hungry Jack's
Clemenger BBDO

This campaign was based around an app entitled "shake and win", that promoted a fast food restaurant chain. The app employed time sensitive offers, location based technology to help customers find their local store and helped drive loyalty. The app subsequently received over 1 million downloads.

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The V Motion Project
V Brand
Colenso BBDO/Proximity NZ

V Energy, the energy drink brand, took an innovative approach to music and technology to target young people and protect its top market share. The campaign centred on tech that could use the body's movement to make a piece of music. All media pushed consumers to the brand website, which saw visits increase by almost 1000%.

New Rules for Sponsorship
Clemenger BBDO

Australians' abiding love for "footy" (Aussie Rules Football) was the driving force behind this campaign. To promote its sponsorship of the sport's Grand Final, NAB offered competition winners not only tickets for the game, but also "stand ins" who were delegated to do the tasks they would have done on the day of the game.

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Beyond the Wall
Mountain Dew
Colenso BBDO

This campaign was based around software that allowed grafitti artists to tag virtual space, as it appears on Google Street View. This work attracted young male Mountain Dew fans, and ultimately delivered both volume and value growth of around +30%.

Contributing agency: Proximity New Zealand

Can I Tell You Something?

VISA launched humourous online video and TV ads featuring people talking about using absurd methods of payment – contrasted with the far more convenient method of using a payment card. The campaign became a cultural phenomenon, making VISA the most talked-about card brand in Brazil post-launch.

Museo Memoria y Tolerancia
Ogilvy & Mather Mexico City

This campaign highlighted a societal problem in Mexico: discrimination, and discriminatory slang words. To raise awareness, the museum turned to Twitter. For each 20 tweets containing an offensive slang word, a bullet was fired in a live installation in the museum: when complete, the bullet holes spelt out the word MEXICO. There was also a live video stream of the installation that people could follow online.

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The Heart of the City

Vidacol, cholesterol-lowering drink, promoted awareness of cardiovascular disease with this campaign. The main activation was in one of the most prominent parts of Buenos Aires: with special lighting and animations, the brand transformed the Obelisk monument into a beating heart.

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Couple Crisis
Banco Galicia
Y&R Buenos Aires

This campaign helped to humanise a financial services brand with a series of TV and online video ads. Each ad featured an arguing couple, Marcos and Claudia, with the story unfolding over multiple spots. To build drama, the brand employed Twitter hashtags and appearances on TV shows.

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Nickname Summer Campaign
Socialab Beijing

In China, Coca-Cola created a new iteration of its global campaign, offering customers the chance to personalise their bottles with their names. This time, Coke drinkers named the bottles with nicknames, often based on internet memes.

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One Cares One
361 Degrees
Neo@Ogilvy Beijing

The 'One Cares One' project is a campaign across China that aims to address childhood poverty. Whenever a 361 Degrees customer bought a pair of shoes from the company, a child living in poverty was also given a pair. The idea was activated in-store, on TV and also through partnerships with companies such as T-Mall.

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Love Night, Love More
Ogilvy & Mather Beijing

This campaign was based around an innovative tech solution: an interactive 3D projection of a new Mercedes car, presented at a trade show. Using motion-sensors, the scenes of the people inside the car changed according to the movements of the observers. The car attracted mass interest at the show, and in the media.

Art of Absorption
Publicis Shanghai

Mayflower, a toilet tissue in China, wanted to communicate a key product benefit: its high absorption. To dramatise this, the brand used the paper as a canvas for traditional Chinese ink paintings, and displayed the art in megamalls. This effort generated mass PR and social media coverage.

No More Errors
Publicis Colombia

In order to sell the new Renault Duster, this campaign tapped into one of Colombians' biggest cultural concerns: fear of failure and embarrassing mistakes. The creative platform was one of "no more errors", with the message dramatised via a famous comedic duo and an online platform.

Contributing agency: MPG

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Stefan vs Kramer
Kramer Producciones

This campaign was based around the release of a film. To build buzz, its star was kept away from cameras for a year, with trailers released months ahead of launch. This built anticipation for the film's star-studded premiere, and helped Stefan vs Kramer become the most watched film in Chile – beating Avatar to no. 1.

Contributing agency: Havas Sport & Entertainment

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Download Concert
Ogilvy & Mather Bogotá

This campaign was for Coke FM, the soft drink's radio station in Colombia. It encouraged listeners to download songs from a renowned local band, then invited these downloaders to a live concert. The campaign increased interaction time on the radio station's website and reached 16m people.

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The Pirate Version
11:11 Films
UM Colombia

For this campaign, which aimed to promote a new film in Colombia, the filmmakers turned a problem into an advantage. Buying pirate DVDs of films is rampant, so fake DVD touts were sent out into the streets to sell the movie. Police then arrested the touts, adding to the scandal – and the DVDs themselves contained an anti-piracy message.

Contributing agency: AREA 52

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Peace Process
Colombian Ministry of Defense
Lowe SSP3

This campaign forms part of the Colombian government's long-running effort to encourage members of the FARC, a paramilitary group, to demobilise. This has involved a series of innovative outdoor and digital advertising initiatives.

Real Stories
Cámara TBWA

This campaign defied category traditions with a back-to-basics approach. Ads told "real stories" of a Uruguayan bank's customers, and helped reverse a decline in hard business metrics. Two months into the campaign, results had exceeded target and the bank was doing better than the previous year.

Contributing agency: OMD

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In order to promote a construction firm, Sodimac tried a dramatic creative solution, activated primarily through TV ads. Its customer base of workmen were transformed into giants, towering over cities and their construction sites.

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Jueves de Pavita
San Fernando
Circus/Starcom Mediavest Group

This TV-led campaign used the San Fernando brand's biggest strength: its high name recognition among Peruvians. Emotional ads featured children and music repeating the campaign's tagline, emphasising the connection ordinary people have with the brand.

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I Grew Up With Sugar
Publimark Lowe

This campaign tackled media misconceptions and cultural hearsay about sugar. An integrated advertising effort, including TV, print, online and sponsorships, aimed to tell the "truths of sugar": that it's natural, everywhere and has only 16 calories per teaspoon.