History of Advertising Trust

HAT Archive was founded in 1976 by a group of industry representatives who clearly understood the long-term benefits of protecting the heritage of the UK advertising industry and the nation's corporate brands. HAT was awarded charitable status in 1978.

HAT's mission is to preserve and document the industry's records, represented in a variety of formats, and to make them accessible as inspiration for today's students and practitioners alike. HAT has become the most comprehensive archive of UK advertising and marketing communications in the world and is accommodated within some 6000 sq metres of physical space at its research and study centre in Norfolk.

This national treasure provides the stories behind famous brands, the ideas and research that led to their development and changing image. These can be understood within the context of the UK advertising industry, its regulatory bodies, agencies, professional associations, lobby groups and social clubs whose historical records form the core of the collection.

During its first ten years HAT published the Journal of Advertising History.

Drawing from the unique content of its ever-expanding archive, HAT provides:

  • research and enquiry services
  • online image and footage galleries
  • e-catalogues and e-learning resources
  • brand timelines and campaign histories
  • digitised print ads and TV commercial footage
  • professional expertise in the management and care of brand heritage - archive collections

HAT's unique specialist reference library can be searched via hatads.org.uk/catalogue.

Contact Details

12, Raveningham Centre
Norwich NR14 6NU

+44 (0) 1508 548 623