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Virtual reality check: the new advertising platform?

Posted by: Jon Wadelton, CTO, The Foundry

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Recent product launches such as Google's Daydream and Sony's Playstation VR headsets would suggest that virtual reality (VR) really is on the verge of mainstream adoption. What began as a niche and gimmicky idea is finally speeding up its journey into wider usage, and the media has been watching its every baby-step with an attentive eye. With interest hotting up by the day – especially in the run up to Christmas - and more consumers and brands  entering virtual worlds, what opportunities does this growing medium present in the marketing world?

Total immersion

30 November 2016, 00:00
Our risky obsession with shiny new tech

Posted by: John Ounpuu, Co-Founder, Modern Craft

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About 2,500 year ago, Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu observed that "tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat". I often wonder what he'd think of modern marketing.

Consider—Facebook's newly announced virtual reality browser for Oculus has marketers buzzing. The notion that a brand might reach VR users through a website instead of a standalone app is undeniably fresh and compelling.

25 November 2016, 10:17
GDPR: All you need to know

Posted by: Todd Ruback, Chief Privacy Officer, Ghostery

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It's not often that certain laws get a lot of attention, but the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – the massive piece of data protection legislation that will become effective 25 May 2018 – is the notable exception. It may seem like it's a long time before it comes into force, but with so much at stake, it's not too early to start thinking about what the GDPR is and how it will affect your business.

The EU has long been the leading jurisdiction when it comes to data protection and privacy laws, treating privacy as a fundamental human right through a series of legislative protections. But technology has jumped forward in the past few years, creating new business opportunities, all predicated upon the breath-taking growth of data collection and uses. The digital world presupposes borderless economies where data flows without impediment.  Online commerce, whether via a laptop or a mobile device, such as a phone or even a watch, is not a thing of the future, but is here right now and is quickly becoming the default channel for consumers to find the goods and services they want. The seller's location is not nearly as important anymore as ease and speed of transaction. The result is the need for an update of the aging body of EU data protection laws, thus the GDPR.

24 November 2016, 15:21
One year on from our 2016 trends, how did we do?

Posted by: David Tiltman, Head of Content, Warc

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We’re getting ready to launch Toolkit 2017, our guide to six trends we think will have an impact on marketing in the year ahead.

This will be the sixth year we have run a Toolkit. The report, which we’ll be running once again in association with Deloitte Digital, draws on Warc’s best practice papers, articles, case studies and research to pull out some key lessons for marketers.

22 November 2016, 10:23
Invent brand innovation

Posted by: Gareth Kay, Co-founder, Chapter

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Brands, their marketing and those who advise them tend to live at two polar extremes of the world and oscillate wildly between them. The first state is where we paint a grand vision of the future, steal a load of ideas from Minority Report, greatly overestimate the long-term impact of change and highly inflate the brand's role in the brave new world.

A far more dangerous state, however, is the world we spend most of our time in. A world of managing the day-to-day. Of mistaking tactics for strategy. And a world that is frightfully devoid of imagination. It's the world of brand management. Its very name denotes a cautious and incrementalist approach while its actions often trap brands in their present rather than give them the conviction and inspiration to shape their own brighter future. Our approach to managing brands comes with an inbuilt myopia and laziness that limits their very potential.

21 November 2016, 16:43
Torture data until it talks and then challenge all that it confesses

Posted by: Will Silverwood, Managing Director, iris Concise

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A global client recently asked us to make them an orbuculum (or crystal ball), used for 'scrying' whereby images seen in it, were interpreted as meaningful information and used to make important decisions. We're often asked to look into the future – it's what we do. Typically, this means mining evidence from historical data to build out propensity models that suggest what is going to happen; what a customer will best respond to, how much people will pay, who will churn or renew. Now this brief required us to predict changes in behaviour across several million customers who would be offered a significant new proposition enhancement - a proposition with no comparable precedent. The model needed to show the impact on the business over a 5-year period. So you see why they wanted a crystal ball.

We had one chance to get this right. The outcome would be used to determine a go/no-go decision for investment in the development and launch of the global proposition.

18 November 2016, 15:11
A call for collaboration: setting the standards for global ad quality

Posted by: Paul Nasse, Commercial Director, Integral Ad Science

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With programmatic ad spend expected to reach £2.5bn in 2016, factors such as brand safety, ad fraud, and viewability are ongoing concerns for the digital advertising industry. The debate around media quality in both programmatic and publisher direct environments has gained momentum, reaching a climax with the announcement of the Coalition for Better Ads in September 2016.

The consortium – which aims to establish a set of global standards – is the first example of major players including P&G, Facebook and Google, actively joining forces in an attempt to maintain ad quality, while protecting revenues. But will this be enough? 

15 November 2016, 17:24
IJMR Editor's Blog: Why are polls getting it so wrong?

Posted by: Peter Mouncey, Editor-In-Chief, IJMR

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IJMR special issue

The USA has a new president-elect this week, but was this the result that the USA pollsters expected?  The polls were showing a close race for the White House, but the majority predicted a slight Clinton lead, which turned out to be false.

10 November 2016, 10:23

Posted by: Edward Bell, CEO, FCB Greater China

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As we've all no doubt heard by now, China is retooling its economy. In a case of 'what got you here won't get you there', declining global demand for manufactured goods combined with a desire to climb up the IP food chain has meant that China has hitched its wagon to the innovation train. But how committed are they?

Regardless of what is to come, some large strides in this direction have been made already. Where intercity travel used to take days in old rattlers, China today has the world's most extensive high-speed rail network. Today's China produces 100 million graduates a year who are unfamiliar with the hardships of their parents. The so-called 'workshop to the world' now submits more patent applications than any other country, has committed 2.5% of GDP to science and innovation and RMB 6.5 billion purely for student entrepreneurship, as a counter to the Silicon Valley effect.

03 November 2016, 15:07
Time to move beyond #unstereotype

Posted by: J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman, Kantar Futures

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With Unilever starting to see positive results from its much publicised new purposeful approach, Kantar Futures executive chairman J Walker Smith says it's time for brands to set rather than simply follow this new agenda.

Unilever's shift in tactics towards advertising with purpose seems to be working. According to the company's executive vice president of global marketing Aline Santos, speaking at Advertising Week in New York in October, pursuing the #unstereotype initiative to end female stereotyping has produced ads that are "more relevant to consumers and connect more deeply with consumers."

02 November 2016, 11:53

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