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Point of view: Questions are the answer

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This guest blog is by Daniel Carlson, writing in the May issue of Admap. Subscribers can read the issue here.

Agencies don't win business when you think they do. We might burn candles at both ends preparing for pitches, but the pitch just clinches the deal. When we connect with prospects at a Q&A session – inspiring them to reflect on challenges in a new light – we invariably win the business later.

26 May 2016, 12:17
Talent just wants to have fun

Posted by: Faris Yakob, Co-founder, Genius Steals

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A few weeks ago, the leader of the Watford Advertising Course, Tony Cullingham, gave a stirring commencement speech to his graduating students. These speeches have become something of a thing – inspiration that culture latches onto for direction. Cullingham certainly didn't hold back addressing these graduates: "Advertising is rubbish. It's broken. Busted. Kaput. There are no standout agencies. No standout campaigns. No hot shops. No creative boutiques. There's no creative jealousy. The words 'I wish I'd done that' are words rarely uttered by writers and art directors these days."

Indeed, this has become part of the established narrative of advertising, in the wake of the defection of the global CCO of Grey to Apple. We hear that the talent isn't happy, and is being stolen away by technology and other cool types of companies.

24 May 2016, 15:06
Euro 2016: the hat-trick marketers must shoot for

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This is a guest post by Mark Middlemas, Director of Communications, Northern Europe, RadiumOne

There are three particular characteristics of the way that fans of the upcoming European Football Championships intend to consume its content that provide a veritable goldmine for marketers to exploit. These are the huge amount of second-screening that will go on during TV broadcasts and the increase in the amount of football-related content being shared online and through what channels this will be done.

23 May 2016, 15:15
Back to the Future: The problem of premature evaluation

Posted by: Malcolm White, Co-founder, Krow Communications

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I've just come out of a dispiriting advertising research briefing and I wish I could time-travel back to 1974. The briefing was dispiriting because we're in danger of testing an early-stage, pre-production, TV advertising execution with qualitative research when we should be using the research to understand how the execution works in the hearts and minds of our target audience, and to provide objective feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of that execution. This research should be an aid to decision making, not act as judge and jury, handing down a 'Go/No Go' verdict. It's this idea of 'testing' that is so dangerous. And I've said all this.

While my colleagues and clients were all vigorously nodding their assent to the points I was making, I could tell (it's something in their eyes) that it was one of those 'yes, but' moments. Really, they're hoping that this research project will make the difficult decision about whether to proceed with this execution for them, and not with them.

17 May 2016, 10:45
New on Warc: How to maximize your digital ROI

Posted by: James Aitchison, Director, Warc

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The latest content on Warc includes new insights on digital ROI, brand growth and the rise of crowdfunding. There's also new analysis on the Warc 100 plus case studies from the Warc Prize for Innnovation and the ARF Ogivly Awards.

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12 May 2016, 16:09
Opinions wanted

Posted by: Gareth Kay, Co-founder, Chapter

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About a decade ago, Copernicus Consulting did a research study in the US to look at how we saw brands. Its most startling finding to me was the lack of differentiation people saw between brands. Four out of five categories were seen to have increasingly homogeneous brands and only 7% of ads were seen as different. The lack of remarkability was in itself remarkable.

I have a nagging feeling that this has got worse. It is almost certainly a large driver behind the infamous statistic from the Havas Meaningful Brands survey that most people wouldn't mind if three out of four brands disappeared tomorrow. More often than not we point our fingers at a lack of ambition and bravery to explain this but I'm increasingly of the opinion that there is a more pernicious issue that needs to be addressed: the lack of opinion at the heart of most brands, marketing and marketers today.

11 May 2016, 15:24
Owning it is no longer enough – brands have to earn it

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This is a guest blog written by Jose de Cabo, co-founder, Olapic

Marketers have heard the mantra "content is king" so many times now they are probably saying it in their sleep. But producing enough engaging material is going to be the biggest content challenge for UK marketers in 2016, according to the Content Marketing Institute. The reality is, it's difficult and expensive to continuously create quality content from scratch. The cost of developing enough owned content to meet the pressures and demands of always on communications is simply unsustainable for most brands.

10 May 2016, 16:00
What header bidding means for marketers

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This guest post is written by Andrew Buckman, Managing Director UK, OpenX

With 53% of premium publishers already using the technology, header bidding has become one of the most talked about topics in the programmatic advertising world, but what does it mean for marketers?

06 May 2016, 11:56
Can brands really be altruistic?

Posted by: Eaon Pritchard, Head of Strategy - Government Services, Dentsu Aegis Network, Australia

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Philosophy defines altruism in different ways, however most definitions will generally revolve around describing altruistic behaviours as those that benefit others rather than oneself.

The term altruism (French, altruisme) was coined by the 19th century philosopher - incidentally, also the founder of the discipline we now know as sociology - Auguste Comte.

05 May 2016, 15:26
Advertising Planning School on the Web 2016: The task

Posted by: Advertising [Planning] School On The Web

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Warc has again teamed up with the APSOTW – the Advertising Planning School On The Web.

This excellent initiative, run by a team of senior planners from across the world, poses challenges for up-and-coming planners and marketers. It's a chance to show off your ideas in front of a seriously, seriously senior line-up of judges.

03 May 2016, 16:01

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