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National newsbrand ad revenue: context is key

Posted by: James McDonald, Senior Data Analyst, Warc

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Advertising revenues for the UK’s national newsbrands fell 11% to £1.2bn in 2015, £150m lower than a year earlier owing entirely to losses in print business, according to the latest results from the AA/Warc UK Expenditure Report, released this week.

A 2.5% rise in digital adspend (to £220m) could not offset the fall for print (down 13.4% to £1bn) last year, the report finds. However, we expect the overall rate of decline to slow to -5.9% in 2016 and -3.4% in 2017, stymied by an average growth rate of 7.7% in digital adspend and softer falls for print over the forecast period.

29 April 2016, 11:55
2015: A stellar year for UK media owners

Posted by: James McDonald, Senior Data Analyst, Warc

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UK advertising expenditure grew at its strongest rate since 2010 last year, with total adspend of £20.1bn marking a 7.5% rise from 2014, according to the latest results from the AA/Warc UK Expenditure Report, released this week.

When comparing this to Warc's international database, we see that of the top ten advertising markets by dollar value, the UK's growth was the second-fastest last year, behind only China.

28 April 2016, 10:17
Don't shoot yourself with target marketing

Posted by: Byron Sharp, Director, Ehrenberg–Bass Institute

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This post is a response to the article Ditching targeting for mass marketing is going back to the dark ages written by Professor Mark Ritson in Marketing Week. Ritson was commenting on a report by Warc - Mars looks beyond targeting - on a speech given by Mars Global CMO, Bruce McColl.

Mark Ritson writes: "It is impossible to teach targeting to MBA students these days without extensive reference to Ehrenberg-Bass and its theories" (Marketing Week, April 2016). That's quite a compliment given that Mark says he almost never brings academic research into the classroom.

27 April 2016, 10:28
Of fiction and funnels

Posted by: Faris Yakob, Co-founder, Genius Steals

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I was recently speaking at a Google event in Sydney. The topic I was asked to speak on was 'Digital storytelling', so let me tell you a tale.

Humans love stories. We use them to make sense of the world. When we cannot understand something, we use stories to explain it to ourselves, and each other. Stories are everywhere because everything is literally complex, the product of many things interoperating and creating endlessly emergent effects.

26 April 2016, 10:23
How this year's Warc winners can raise the bar for social marketing

Posted by: Guest blog

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This guest post is from Mobbie Nazir, Chief Strategy Officer at We Are Social

This year I have the pleasure of once again judging the Warc Prize for Social Strategy, the Prize designed to recognise work from all over the world that uses social ideas to drive business results. Last year's brilliant, diverse winners proved just how much social marketing has evolved. In fact the work was so diverse it was difficult to distinguish a clear set of "best practice principles" - which is partly because the category is moving so fast but also partly because social has the power to impact so many different aspects of a brand's business. From marketing to product and service innovation to customer service.

25 April 2016, 12:27
MRS Impact 2016: The future of market insight in 5 themes

Posted by: Peter Mouncey, Editor-In-Chief, IJMR

Blog author

Who will succeed in the new age of data discovery? We asked a panel of four international experts across academia and business to share their views on where the world of insight is going, and how it is adapting to a data-rich, connected, and social world. Speaking at the 2016 MRS Impact conference held in London this March, the panel drew a large crowd for a lively debate.

You can find full coverage of the IJMR-hosted debate in the International Journal of Market Research (58/3), which comes out in May. subscribers can also read the report on Stan Sthanunathan’s Keynote speech here

21 April 2016, 11:53
DOOH's "virtuous cycle"

Posted by: Stephen Whiteside, Reports Editor, Warc

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Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is set to benefit from a "virtuous cycle" as new technologies and capabilities connect screens and locations with smartphones, beacons and even virtual reality, according to a recent report from the IAB.

The "Digital Out-of-Home Buyer's Guide: How to reach the on-the-go consumer" was developed by the IAB's Digital Out-of-Home Task Force – a group comprising 22 members including Intel, AT&T AdWorks and NBCUniversal.

20 April 2016, 11:27
The curse of knowledge

Posted by: Richard Shotton, Deputy Head of Evidence, Manning Gottlieb OMD

Blog author

Think of a song. A simple, well known tune. Now tap out the rhythm on your desk and ask a colleague to guess the name. Easy, right?

Well, an experiment from Elizabeth Newton, a psychologist at Stanford, suggests not. She split participants into two groups: 'tappers' and 'listeners'. The first group chose a song and then, without revealing its name, they tapped out the rhythm for the listeners to guess. The tappers estimated the probability of the song being recognised at 50%. They were wildly wrong. Of the 120 songs in the experiment only 2.5% were identified correctly.

19 April 2016, 12:28
Themes from Facebook's F8 Conference: Bigger than bots

Posted by: Guest blog

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By Matthew Payne, head of creative technology, We Are Social

Mark Zuckerberg opened this week's Facebook F8 with a clear dig at Donald Trump and his anti-immigration stance. His message set the tone for the event - it was one of opening up and connecting the world, not of blocking expression - "instead of building walls we can help build bridges". The Facebook CEO's view is that we're one global community and we're all better off for it. There was a lot to get excited about at F8 - 360 VR cameras, Chatbot engines, Sponsored messaging ads, developer kits, more. But here are the themes and developments that stood out for me this year.

15 April 2016, 15:42
Native advertising seen positively, but challenges remain

Posted by: Anna Hamill, Asia Editor, Warc

Blog author

Marketers across Asia-Pacific have a positive view of native advertising, with 67% enthusiastic about the opportunities it offers. Investment into native advertising is also set to rise significantly in the next five years as the medium matures.

A Warc & King Content survey of more than 300 advertising and marketing professionals across 16 Asia-Pacific countries revealed insights into how native advertising is being used, the biggest challenges marketers face, and thoughts on the future of the medium. Respondents included brand owners, creative and media agencies, media owners and content experts among others.

15 April 2016, 12:15

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