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Adblocking to adspotting: engagement on London Underground

Posted by: Nicola Barrett, Research Manager, Exterion Media

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2016 has been a year of unpredictability for the advertising industry. In a recent blog on here, David Tiltman, head of content for Warc, talked through how Warc's own predictions for this year have matched up to the reality.

One of the themes David touches on is the 'digital kickback'. The ongoing problems with ad measurement and fraud, coupled with wider concerns around algorithmic accountability, have made it clear that the digital advertising ecosystem is not the Promised Land it was once purported to be. Through a lack of transparency and accountability, and by not having consumer experience at the heart of digital advertising, the 'kickback' has been most notably realised through the rise of adblocking.

19 December 2016, 09:00
Adtech: Predictions for 2017

Posted by: Adtech

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Ray Gerber, Chief Solutions Officer, Thunderhead

"Businesses will stop paying lip service to the idea of customer centricity and begin making the commitments and organisational changes necessary to place the customer at the centre of their enterprises. This means accepting that, in the digital economy, every business is a service business; accepting accountability for the end-to-end customer experience, with the customer journey as the key frame of reference; adopting a true outside-in perspective spanning all organisational silos and touchpoints; and focusing on long-term customer engagement and value.

16 December 2016, 09:00
End of the free lunch: Radical thinking for publishing

Posted by: Calum MacKenzie, Associate Director, iris Concise

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According to Luther Van Dross and Janet Jackson, the best things in life are free.

There's a lot of evidence out there to support this. A quick Google of 'free stuff' returns close to 50m results. You see for yourself – the dopamine hit from a free sample handed out at a tube station will make most of us deviate from our usual routine. As Professor Dan Ariely eloquently puts it in Predictably Irrational:

15 December 2016, 09:00
It's all about transparency: Ensuring confidence in performance marketing

Posted by: Impact Radius

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From the outside, performance marketing can appear to be a complex beast, however, this doesn't have to be the case. In recent years, the lack of transparency has negatively affected the image of performance marketing, but transparency in performance marketing can mean many things.

In short, the industry needs to work to ensure that it is providing a clear view at every step of the process. This can be achieved by adequate communication between teams and by using the right tools for the job.

13 December 2016, 00:00
Crowdsourcing creatives

Posted by: Faris Yakob, Co-founder, Genius Steals

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In the October issue of Admap, we considered how the homogeneity of agency briefs, across disciplines and geographies, is antithetical to the goal of differentiation. Jane Newman, referring to the development of account planning, pointed out that "to achieve our creative philosophy of relevant distinctiveness, we've applied that same creativity to how we structure ourselves both internally and dealing with clients".

Account planning was a great innovation in agency structure but success was rapidly imitated, especially once Jay Chiat proclaimed that "account planning is the greatest new business tool ever invented". The account/planning/creative/production assembly line spread. The structure surrounds the art director and copywriter pair, as the proton and neutron of advertising creativity. In actuality, as my partner Rosie pointed out in a speech called 'It takes a village to tweet', some ideas are better served by different combinations of thinkers and makers, be that an engineer or an artificial intelligence. If you want different kinds of ideas, not just different ideas, you need different kinds of people.

13 December 2016, 00:00
Marketing is out of touch with reality. Can we fix it?

Posted by: Wiemer Snijders, Management Consultant

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The marketing industry recently received some sobering news. A study commissioned by Thinkbox reported a significant disconnect between people working in the industry, and those with whom they are communicating. Its summary is clear:

"We're in the privileged position of being at the forefront of technological change within this industry. (….) Unfortunately for us, it's all too easy to think everyone else is the same." 

13 December 2016, 00:00
10 Digital Trends to Watch in 2017

Posted by: Felim McGrath, Trends Manager, GlobalWebIndex

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This week, GlobalWebIndex published Trends 17, our annual look at the major digital trends that will impact the year ahead. In conjunction with Warc, here we outline the 10 trends that you need to watch out for in 2017. The full report can be downloaded for free here.

1. The Mobile-First Landscape

13 December 2016, 00:00
Are we missing the point about System 1 and System 2?

Posted by: David Penn, Managing Director, Conquest

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Brand owners are in danger of being confused by an either/or approach to understanding their brands. Some put all their faith in emotional appeal, others in rational persuasion. But increasingly brand owners realise that they need to understand both. Research currently is not serving them well because rational and emotional/implicit are often looked at in isolation, with clients left in doubt as to the relative importance of each, and what they should do about it.

Research needs to break out of this either/or dichotomy and help brand owners see the whole picture. Binet & Field (2013) demonstrated that brands work at both a System 1 (emotional/implicit) level and a System 2 (rational) level, so looking at either one in isolation misses the point. Our response to this challenge is a multivariate approach called mind modelling that encompasses all rational, implicit and emotional beliefs about a brand and attaches predictive values to each.

05 December 2016, 00:00
In-game advertising the right way

Posted by: Guest blog

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This is a guest post from Chaya Soggot, founder and chief executive of adtech firm, Woobi

Over the past decade the advertising industry has gone through quite the revolution. Traditional marketing channels, such as TV, Print and even websites, become less effective, yet are still considered a "must have". On the other hand, marketers are constantly on the lookout to be the first on the next big channel, one that will again redefine the rules of the advertising game.

02 December 2016, 00:00
Virtual reality check: the new advertising platform?

Posted by: Jon Wadelton, CTO, The Foundry

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Recent product launches such as Google's Daydream and Sony's Playstation VR headsets would suggest that virtual reality (VR) really is on the verge of mainstream adoption. What began as a niche and gimmicky idea is finally speeding up its journey into wider usage, and the media has been watching its every baby-step with an attentive eye. With interest hotting up by the day – especially in the run up to Christmas - and more consumers and brands  entering virtual worlds, what opportunities does this growing medium present in the marketing world?

Total immersion

30 November 2016, 00:00

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