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Social networks and TV

Posted by: MEC

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In the fast-moving world of social platforms, Facebook and Twitter are now part of the establishment and using TV advertising to fend off new and innovative rivals.

This post is by Gearóid Godson, MEC.

28 December 2015, 12:46
The global adspend outlook

Posted by: James McDonald, Senior Data Analyst, Warc

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We estimate global advertising spend (based on 12 major markets) increased by 2.2% in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms in 2015. This is mildly below our previous expectations in July (-0.1pp). A further rise, of 4.4%, is forecast next year.

After allowing for inflation, real adspend growth is expected to be 1.1% this year and 2.3% in 2016.

22 December 2015, 16:17
What would aliens learn from our advertising industry?

Posted by: Eaon Pritchard, Head of Strategy - Government Services, Dentsu Aegis Network, Australia

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In this guest post Eaon Pritchard argues that if the advertising industry is ‘on the verge of irrelevance’ it is because of our misguided obsession with technology over ideas.

If some band of galaxy-wandering aliens should indeed stumble upon this planet earth, our species has one thing worthy of their attention and study.

18 December 2015, 10:36
Does consistency matter?

Posted by: Edward Bell, CEO, FCB Greater China

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When I was back in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, I saw a new Victoria Bitter beer ad on TV. Only that it wasn't. It was the exact same idea, music, storyline and voice-over that ran for decades until the 1990s, when new management thought they could do better and messed with the recipe. Despite 20 years of trying with a dozen different directions, they couldn't improve on the magic of the original blue collar anthem and have literally rerun the idea from 40 years ago. Seeing this, I was reminded how much 'consistency' used to matter and how it seems to matter less now. Or is it, as some say, an 'advertising idea' that is no longer relevant?

Asia has always struggled with consistency. Li-Ning, the only Chinese sports brand that owes its origins to an actual sportsperson, has dithered terribly over the years. It has had eight different taglines in ten years since it 'got serious about branding' in 2002. Tsingtao is another very conspicuous missed opportunity. Revolving doors in marketing management have not had an enduring, anchoring idea to channel each leader's new vision. As a result, Tsingtao is not much more than a bland, but familiar, face in China, and outside of China, is little more than a cliché for sale in Chinese restaurants. Thinking about Asia's own biggest brands – Panasonic, Canon, LG, Samsung – with the exception of Sony, you're really pressed to attach any idea or sense of self to any of them.

17 December 2015, 14:57
Details don't much matter

Posted by: Mythbuster, Les Binet and Sarah Carter, DDB

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Les Binet and Sarah Carter get a little bit angry about some of the nonsense they hear around them… like the idea that details don't much matter.

We attended two fascinating research debriefs recently… for two different versions of the same TV ad. The brand was a health product, and the advertising idea was a simple one. Each ad showed real people who suffered from a particular health problem, and in each ad we heard how they had tackled the problem successfully using our brand. The ad was designed to inspire viewers by showing them someone they could relate to who had used our brand to solve the problem. The desired response was: 'If they can do it, so can I.'

15 December 2015, 13:55
The rise of programmatic

Posted by: MEC

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Programmatic is not a revolution, but a necessary evolution and will drive agencies, advertisers, and media owners to understand and develop new ways of collaboration.

This post is by Martin Beauchamp, MEC.

15 December 2015, 11:12
An Advertiser's View on Adblocking

Posted by: Guest blog

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This post is by Stephan Loerke, Managing Director of the World Federation of Advertisers

By June 2015, almost 200 million internet users were estimated to be actively using ad blocking technology.

15 December 2015, 10:17
Licensing trends for 2016: Film will lead the way

Posted by: Guest blog

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This post is by Kelvyn Gardner, Managing Director of the Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association.

2015 has seen a continued expansion of the ever-growing licensing industry. Our recent figures showed that $13.4 billion was made in royalty revenues and $241.5 billion in retail sales last year from licensing and this is set to continue to increase well in to the new year.

14 December 2015, 09:34
Fixing the Adblocalypse

Posted by: Faris Yakob, Co-founder, Genius Steals

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Since you work in advertising, you know about the first banner ad which, famously, appeared on the website for Wired magazine, then called HotWired. It was in 1994 and said 'Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will.' as part of the classic AT&T campaign.

However, based on current concerns, the modern history of online advertising can be understood to have begun a year or so later. For as much as the banner has been maligned as creatively bankrupt and ruiner of the online experience, the problem really lies behind the scenes, in the architecture of ad serving and networks. The first banner ad was made by the team at HotWired and served by the site itself. Pretty quickly this model changed, due to what Cory Doctorow has called the 'intrinsically toxic relationship between the three parties to the advertising ecosystem: advertisers, publishers and readers'.

10 December 2015, 16:55
Mobile programmatic: the advertiser's five-point checklist

Posted by: Guest blog

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This post is by Chris Childs, Managing Director, UK, TabMo.

Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most important device for connecting to the internet in the UK (Ofcom Communications Market Report 2015). To engage with their target audiences, advertisers are therefore looking to run mobile campaigns, with programmatic trading increasingly a key element.

10 December 2015, 14:23

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