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Do agencies need a tech specialist?

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This blog post is by Ben Silcox, Head of Data & Digital at Havas EHS.

How does the agency stay relevant? A question being asked everywhere; how to stay relevant today in an environment where our clients' businesses and their marketing needs are changing at pace.

30 May 2014, 16:20
'Owning an experience', two-way brand conversations, 'solution marketing' and the importance of localism: Highlights from CASSIES 2014

Posted by: Lena Roland, Commissioning Editor, Best Practice, Warc

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The CASSIES (Canadian Advertising Success Stories) have now been published on There were some brilliant campaigns but if you only have time to read a few I highly recommend the following. These case studies illustrate and tap into a number of current marketing trends including brands ‘owning an experience’, brand transparency, ‘solution marketing’ and the importance of localism. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this new content – they are a great addition to the site. Warc subscribers can access all 35 case studies here.

Budweiser: Red Lights

29 May 2014, 15:27
Five digital learnings from AdWeek Europe

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MEC's head of digital strategy Matt Bell summarises his five key take-outs from AdWeek Europe that will affect agencies from some of the digital-focused sessions at the event.

"Big Data is like teenage sex" – everyone is talking about it, everyone says they are doing it all the time. But no-one is actually doing it because they don't know how. The winners in data will be those that use the data through predictive science, David Rothschild, Microsoft's research economist explained, while predictive science is being used to some extent in advertising, we've "stopped at phase one". Even though it is in its infancy, predictive science will only become an increasingly broader, valuable planning tool.

29 May 2014, 14:53
Integrative ideas and social brands

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This blog post is by Faris Yakob, co-founder of Genius Steals, a strategy, innovation and ideas practice, and the co-author of the book Digital State. Here he shares his thoughts on The Warc Prize for Social Strategy in an extract from his article Integrative Ideas and Social Brands: Insights from the Warc Prize for Social Strategy.

What stood out to me, across the winning entries to The Warc Prize for Social Strategy, was that 'social' was an understanding on how the world is now. Social is the backbone to truly integrative ideas, where each component has a role and feeds the others, which in concert drive business results.

28 May 2014, 10:56
On pitching and its priceless gains

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This post is by Ethel Sanchez, Regional Planning Manager at Lowe and Partners Worldwide.

Small (often taken for granted) tips to get the most out of a pitch… besides fresh revenue.

27 May 2014, 17:12
Optimism stays high among global marketers

Posted by: James McDonald, Senior Data Analyst, Warc

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The results from Warc’s Global Marketing Index in May indicate that marketers the world over remain optimistic, buoyed by rapidly improving trading conditions and strengthened budget setting across the board.

The headline GMI measure – which takes into account marketers’ expectations for trading conditions and marketing budgets, as well as staffing levels – recorded an index reading of 58.0 in May, a decline of 0.3 points from April but a 1.5 point rise from the previous year. A reading of 50 indicates no change, and above 60 indicates rapid growth.

22 May 2014, 17:13
Breaking Bad vs. The Wire

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Emma Lane, Senior Research Executive at MEC, explains how, using Media Z MEC examined the audience perceptions of the VoD hits, the US crime dramas Breaking Bad and The Wire.

The popularity of online video-on-demand services have rocketed in the UK with one in three people now watching TV on-demand at least once a week (nVision). This easy access to TV series through services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant and Sky Go has made way for a rise in 'binge-watching', where consumers watch several TV episodes of the same series back-to-back. In fact, 54% of consumers say they have 'binge-watched' a TV series (nVision). While this activity is not altogether new (it has been done with DVD box-sets for years), the rise of VoD has made it more prolific, with consumers able to get their fix of their favourite TV shows whenever and wherever they want.

21 May 2014, 17:09
Point of View: Coming full circle

Posted by: Molly Flatt, Social business director, 1000heads

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Last week, I took seven days' holiday, in a remote cottage on the Suffolk coast. There was no phone signal. I switched off the WiFi. I cooked some locally caught fish. Then I sat in front of the log burner and read The Circle, Dave Eggers' controversial Google satire.

Eggers is a star of contemporary American fiction and, like his equally talented peer Jonathan Franzen, a deep sceptic of 'technoconsumerism'. His novel is a bit clunky, but it makes brilliant, albeit painfully resonant, reading for anyone who works in social media. As his heroine, Mae Holland, becomes indoctrinated by her new employer, a slick, data-hungry internet corporation called The Circle, she reduces her identity to a thousand tick-box surveys and comes to believe that sharing every moment of her life is not just a liberating choice, but a moral imperative.

21 May 2014, 15:06
Amazon and Twitter launch #AmazonCart

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This article on the partnership between Amazon and Twitter to launch #AmazonCard, written by Ciaran Norris is part of the Mindshare Original Thinker Series.

Twitter and Amazon have announced a partnership that will allow users to add products to their Amazon basket with a simple tweet. This seems to be another example of Twitter looking to find and build out new revenue streams, presumably to stave off detractors on Wall Street who have punished the company recently by driving their shares down almost 50% since their high of 70%. Whether this is enough to attract new Twitter users remains to be seen.

20 May 2014, 12:39
How to deliver a mobile first strategy

Posted by: James Aitchison, Director, Warc

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The latest content on Warc includes a detailed look at creating a "mobile first" strategy, ad research papers from the ARF's Re:Think event, insights on Latin America and a range of reports from conferences around the world. There's also news on the Warc Prize for Innovation 2014 which is now open for entries.

Read on for all the news - and to receive content updates like this by monthly email, visit: Your Warc > Email Alerts.

19 May 2014, 16:36

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