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Tough Customers: RAPP’s latest Opportunities in Austerity research

Posted by: Tom Bristow, Assistant Data Editor, Warc

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Ever tried haggling in a high street shop? If you’re British, the chances are you’d see it as being a bit beneath you – embarrassing, even. Some might have a go on holiday, in Morocco or Egypt, and enjoy the excitement of feeling they got their money’s worth by the grit of their innate bargaining powers, but it’s a novelty experience most would leave at the airport.

Not any more. RAPP, the customer experience agency, today presented the latest findings from its on-going Opportunities in Austerity research. The results show that British citizens are embracing the idea of becoming bargain hungry, discerning shoppers, and some brands are flourishing by helping them along.

30 April 2013, 17:06
Will customers kill off Big Data?

Posted by: Lena Roland, Commissioning Editor, Best Practice, Warc

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Big Data Week - billed as a global platform of interconnected community events - is taking place in London this week. The event's goal is to explore the challenges and opportunities of managing and utilising Big Data. I attended a presentation in London yesterday morning, hosted by FreshNetworks, a social business consultancy, which posed the question: "Will customers kill off Big Data?"

Of course, Big Data is a much-used term with a variety of definitions. But according to Paul Oram, Chief Technical Officer at Fresh Networks, it's all about the 4 Vs: Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity.

25 April 2013, 10:45
Can Behavioural Economics Help us be better Motivated at Work?

Posted by: Edward Appleton, Senior Manager Consumer Insights, Coca Cola Gmbh

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I have just finished Week 4 of the Ariely/ Duke University online course on Behavioural Economics ( The last 6 days have been all about "Labour & Motivation" - particularly relevant for those of us in gainful employment. 

It was extremly interesting, if pretty hard work - maybe I'm just feeling the pain a little after four weeks of evening and weekend study; or perhaps the topic was chosen deliberately to test our desire and will mid-way through.

22 April 2013, 17:49
'E-Reader' or 'Tablet', which is it?

Posted by: Robert Passikoff, President, Brand Keys, Inc

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Yes, we know that there are differences between a dedicated e-reader and a tablet. And if absolutely forced, consumers will acknowledge the differences too. But ultimately that's not really what consumers focus upon. In the hearts and minds of consumers it works out to a kind of 'meet-my-expectations-stupid' paradigm, and articulated or not, shrinking sizes and prices of 'full-featured tablets,' are managing to better meet customer expectations and are, thus, raising questions as to the viability of devices upon which one can only read a book.

One of the key metrics we track in our annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index are consumer expectations. This year, nearly 40,000 consumers self-classified as participants in categories we track, and then as customers of specific brands in that category. As any researcher can tell you, the customer incidence levels informs you very quickly as to whether a category is growing or shrinking, depending upon the degree of difficulty finding them. When incidence levels get really, really low, we sometimes drop a category, like we did with "cellphones." Not smartphones, mind you, just plain cellphones. Yes, they're out there, but in shrinking numbers, because of shrinking prices of increasingly smarter smartphones that have lured consumers from one category into another.

19 April 2013, 15:41
Finding your 'Plane': Exercising the Grey Matter

Posted by: Brand Learning

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Have you been watching the brilliant BBC Horizon programmes in the last few months? Two episodes in particular, 'The Creative Brain: How Insight Works' and 'The Age of Big Data' were fascinating, and surely compulsory viewing for any Marketer – check out BBC iPlayer or YouTube.

These episodes got me thinking about the absolute necessity to create the quality thinking time that many marketers that we work with complain about not having. There seems to be so much process, individual form filling and 'just doing' going on that there's less and less time to actually use your brain and think. Templates designed to capture great thinking and provide clarity of direction are getting delegated due to a lack of time or relevance and can turn into a shallow box filling exercise (or copying and pasting from last time) just to get the job off the 'To Do' list.

16 April 2013, 12:29
Conversational care

Posted by: Molly Flatt, Social business director, 1000heads

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Customer service has been one of the earliest and most tangible areas in which businesses have achieved social media success. This is partly because the contract between brand and customer is so clear: 'we are using this channel to answer your questions and fix your problems, not to make you love us by sharing photos of our office pets.' Best Buy, KLM, Eurail and T-Mobile USA are some pack leaders, and for a glimpse at how much effort is ploughed into this field, look at the Social Bakers' Socially Devoted website, which ranks industry leaders on their social care.

But social care takes a lot of resources, training, listening, flexibility, inter-organisational communication and employee autonomy to reap results. Many companies may actually be damaging their reputations by failing to deliver on their dedicated social presences. So has social CS become a must for any future-proof business? Or is it a marketing hybrid too far?

15 April 2013, 09:44
Can Behavioural Economics help explain shifts in the Market Research industry?

Posted by: Edward Appleton, Senior Manager Consumer Insights, Coca Cola Gmbh

Blog author

I've recently completed the 2nd Week of my online course on Behavioural Economics given by the renowned Dan Ariely. Week two was all about "The Psychology of Money". (You can read about the first week of the course here.)

What did I learn? Here's a short summary, aided by a few refresher views of the relevant Lecture sessions:

10 April 2013, 18:28
Mythbuster: Ignoring the 'still' majority

Posted by: Mythbuster, Les Binet and Sarah Carter, DDB

Blog author

Les Binet and Sarah Carter get a little bit angry about some of the nonsense they hear around them… like ignoring the 'still' majority.

We attended a conference by Thinkbox (the UK body responsible for TV advertising) the other week. There were a number of great speakers and an interesting session at the end giving useful facts on the current state of the UK TV market.

08 April 2013, 09:50
Go ahead. Fold your tablet in half.

Posted by: Robert Passikoff, President, Brand Keys, Inc

Blog author

Corning – the 'glass company' that came up with the telescope mirror for the Palomar Observatory, lighter and tougher windshields, and with Gorilla Glass for the first iPhone (GG now in its 3rd generation) – has showcased their new, ultra-thin, 100-micron thick, flexible glass.

Let's be clear, we're talking about glass, not plastic. It's called "Willow Glass" and it bends. By "it bends," we mean it's supple and bendable like plastic. But it's glass. And it could change the shape and form of how next-generation electronics are ultimately designed.

04 April 2013, 15:01
Is market research myopic about Behavioural Economics?

Posted by: Edward Appleton, Senior Manager Consumer Insights, Coca Cola Gmbh

Blog author

I'm currently taking an online educational course in Behavioural Economics (BE), lead by the eminent Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational and teaching Professor of Duke University (

It's a fabulously well done course – lasting 6 weeks, it consists of Video tutorials, Reading Assignments, and tests that lead to a possible certification. And it costs nothing.

02 April 2013, 18:00

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