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Infographic: UK ad market - what happened and what's next?

Posted by: Katherine Mawhinney-Kam, Designer and Production Editor, Warc

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The Warc/AA Advertising Expenditure report shows that UK advertising spend (excluding direct mail) grew by 2.8% in 2011 reaching £14.4 billion in total. Growth is expected to continue in 2012 with new forecasts predicting a 3.8% increase, well ahead of growth across the rest of the UK economy. 2012 growth forecasts identify internet (up 8.9%) and out-of-home (up 5.0%) as the strongest contributors during the Olympic year.

These forecasts show renewed optimism for the UK and for our leadership in the digital economy. Our latest infographic gives you an invaluable snapshot of what happened and what's to come. Click the image to see the full size infographic.

27 April 2012, 13:36
Diamonds are forever; copyrights not so much

Posted by: Robert Passikoff, President, Brand Keys, Inc

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Okay, so Amazon has the largest slice of the digital bookselling pie. And for the next decade, Ian Fleming's legendary Bond novels will be exclusively available from Amazon publishing. How did they beat the spectre of Apple and other online publishers? Says Corinne Turner, Managing Director of Ian Fleming Publications, "The reason we're going with Amazon is we believe that their online abilities will bring our books to a much broader audience than we've had before." Turns out sometimes bigger is better.

This is obviously quite a coup for Amazon, who has more than one horse in this race. Not only will Amazon use Bond to power book sales and brand cred; Amazon also happens to currently sell the crowd-favorite device for the digital viewing of that content: the Kindle e-reader.

27 April 2012, 13:20
What can marketers learn from Lionel Richie’s head?

Posted by: David Tiltman, Head of Content, Warc

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This week Warc is reporting from the Asian Marketing Effectiveness festival in Shanghai. The event showcases effective work from across Asia, and looks at new ideas of how marketing works in this part of the world.

Warc will be running a full conference report on the event. But as a taster, it’s worth highlighting the entertaining talk by Charles Wigley, Chairman of BBH Asia and the chairman of this year’s Warc Prize for Asian Strategy, and Rob Campbell, Regional Head of Strategy at Wieden & Kennedy.

27 April 2012, 03:54
Donald Trump: Human Brand

Posted by: Robert Passikoff, President, Brand Keys, Inc

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It was just announced that Donald Trump lent his name to a new luxury skyscraper project. Yawn, yawn? Not surprised? Well you might be if you knew where the building is going to be located.

It turns out that the planned building is in ex-Soviet Georgia. Yes, that ex-Soviet Georgia. The one that just emerged from a four-year war with Russia. They used to have a regular flow of tourists, but with most of the hotels and resorts turned into shelters for displaced persons, the country is now having to rebuild in order to attract Western tourists with Western cash. So a luxury skyscraper sounds like just the thing.

26 April 2012, 17:13
Procter & Gamble takes gold in the branded entertainment category

Posted by: Robert Passikoff, President, Brand Keys, Inc

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Once in too-great a while (if the mega-money spent on creating television advertising is considered) a brand message comes along that deserves high praise. As brand communication researchers, ads worthy of glory, to our minds, are those that do the job advertising is actually hired to do: both get noticed, and – crass as this may sound – move the viewer to give the advertiser priority when it comes to choosing a brand. That's why advertising is harder than simply making entertainment, and why P&G's effort for Mother's Day deserves this public shout out.

Since BMW blew the tires off the branded entertainment vehicle with their mini-movies, brands have been trying to use longer-format pieces to tell their story, trying to access the emotion they know builds brand meaning – and loyalty. Yet, what seems to happen far too often is one of two things: the message is a mini-movie that is disconnected from the brand and its strategy, or the product placement is so heavy-handed that viewers click out with a long audible sigh.

20 April 2012, 09:12
What's in a name?

Posted by: Robert Passikoff, President, Brand Keys, Inc

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Tiffany & Co. celebrates its 175th anniversary this year with a little brand alchemy. Press releases trumpeting Tiffany's posh "new jeweler's metal," coined and trademarked Rubedo (Latin for "red"), continues unabated. But many specialists have taken umbrage with both the "new" and the "metal" portions of Tiffany's claim.

Rubedo, a beautiful blush-gold, is actually composed of small parts silver and zinc, 55% copper, and only 31% gold; in fact, Rubedo has no actual karat value, or too low as to not matter. As specialists point out, it's an alloy, not a new metal, and it turns out it's not all that valuable (despite the $7,500 price tag attached to their "Ultrawide Rubedo Cuff"). From a brand whose sumptuous tagline was "diamonds by the yard," Rubedo might seem like the tarnish on a once-gilded brand.

12 April 2012, 15:37
Why we need to be more emotionally intelligent

Posted by: David Penn, Managing Director, Conquest

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How emotionally intelligent is the marketing and MR community? I recently ran a workshop on Why Emotions Matter with a large group of UK clients. One of their tasks was to come up with an elevator speech that would convince a sceptical CEO (say, Lord Sugar of Apprentice fame) of the benefits of researching emotional response to his brand or advertising. Whilst the task was accepted enthusiastically by all, when it came to the crunch no one volunteered to deliver the speech. What became clear was that few felt they had the ammunition to (metaphorically) gun down an aggressive or powerful sceptic. One (not particularly shy) lady even suggested that she wouldn't get in the elevator at all! It seems then that the case for emotion still has yet to be made and won conclusively.

So what arguments might convince a sceptical CEO to become "emotionally intelligent" about his brand?

12 April 2012, 10:41
ad:tech SF: Amazon evolves from distributor to media platform

Posted by: Geoffrey Precourt, US Editor, Warc

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Sixteen years ago – at just about the same time marketers and advertising technologists assembled for the first San Francisco-based ad:tech assembly – Jeff Bezos left his job on a hedge-fund desk to start an online book-buying service.

In both cases an Amazon-centric cross-platform offering – a mashup of the website, the mobile app, and advertising opportunities offered on certain Kindle models – demonstrated that the company could do more than supply; it could help create demand.

04 April 2012, 11:05
New on Warc: Meaningful marketing

Posted by: James Aitchison, Director, Warc

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The latest highlights on include an in-depth look at meaningful marketing, new additions to our Best Practice series and consumer and innovation insights from Esomar. We also have reports from our own Measuring Advertising Performance event as well as the ANA/WFA Global Marketer and SXSW Interactive conferences.

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03 April 2012, 09:40
Aligning marketing activities with commercial outcomes

Posted by: Paul Feldwick, Admap Columnist and Consultant, Paul Feldwick Ltd

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How can marketers and agencies better align their activities with commercial outcomes?

Gurdeep Puri, Founding Partner, The Effectiveness Partnership

02 April 2012, 15:07

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