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Young People and TV

Posted by: Colin Grimshaw, Editor, Admap

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'The Truth about Youth: TV and Young People' was the theme of a seminar hosted in London today by Thinkbox, the marketing body for the UK’s commercial television industry.

Thinkbox MD Lindsey Clay kicked it off with a startling (to me) statistic: In digital PVR homes, only 14% of TV viewing is time-shifted. Does that mean I’m one of few people in Britain who doesn’t press the pause button as a matter of course? Are most people still waiting for the ad break to visit the loo, put the kettle on? Strange.

30 March 2011, 17:07
Brand licensing: a deliberate policy of brandicide?

Posted by: Judie Lannon, Editor, Market Leader

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The great gardener and creator of Sissinghurst in the south-eastern UK country of Kent, Vita Sackville West, was said to keep a cemetery noting the plants that died in her care: a constant reminder that living things need proper attention. Brand watchers amongst us typically have the same concern for the brands we nourish and grow. But although plants do die, disappear into the soil and come back as compost, brands, even when badly treated can be revived.

Jeremy Bullmore used to encourage clients to see if they had what he called 'attic brands' in their portfolios; brands which had lain untended for years or had been overtaken by trends that could possibly be given the kiss of life. Remember the inspired re-invention of Lucozade from an illness drink to a life giving energy drink. Camilo Panne, CEO of Reckitt Benckiser recently described how a young graduate found a profitable new life for Goddards silver polish in cleaning computer and iPod screens. Examples abound. Good brands are resilient and can often sustain long periods of neglect.

30 March 2011, 11:57
10 Tips to win a 2011 APG UK award

Posted by: Carlos Grande, Editor, Warc

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Is there a failsafe formula to capturing an APG Creative Strategy award? Probably not, but the APG UK's series of events to demystfiy the judging process continued yesterday with some more advice for would-be gong-winners.

JWT's Guy Murphy, chairman of the 2009 awards, kicked off by asking: "Have you read last year's winners?" Only a few had. However, the papers have been well read on and the most downloaded on are not necessarily the 2009 judges' top picks. See the full list of 2009 papers here (only Warc subscribers can view the actual papers).

30 March 2011, 11:35
Smartphone smugness

Posted by: Robert Passikoff, President, Brand Keys, Inc

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The announcement that AT&T will buy T-Mobile for $39 billion ends 10 years of Deutsche Telekon's sortie into the United States. T-Mobile generated respectable sales, but ultimately it wasn't clever competitive advertising or creative call & data plans that undermined their efforts. In large part it was the hardware, specifically the iPhone that did them in.

Once the touch-screen iPhone went on sale, T-Mobile's customer churn - the industry's term for disloyalty and defection - dialed up to more than twice the rate of AT&T and Verizon Wireless, with their most profitable contract customers moving to their competitors. Because no matter how providers talked about their network, it turned out the hardware carriers were able to offer - the phones - made a very significant contribution to customer engagement and loyalty. And without access to the iPhone, T-Mobile was in an untenable competitive position.

30 March 2011, 11:30
The rise of Indonesia and the role of digital

Posted by: David Tiltman, Head of Content, Warc

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We’ve seen a lot of interest among marketers and agencies in Indonesia. It’s one of the ‘Next 11’ group of fast-growth countries and, with a huge population enjoying rising disposable incomes, it has become a very interesting market for multinational companies looking for new sources of growth. With total adspend rising by more than 20% in 2010, it’s clear that brands – both local and foreign – are scrambling to get a piece of this new market.

Indonesia is already the second-biggest Facebook market in the world, and the fourth-biggest Twitter market. In a market where traditional media are relatively underdeveloped, social channels have huge scope to grow in importance. In some ways Indonesia's internet market is on fast-forward - there are already 23 Groupon clones in the market, according to this post.

29 March 2011, 15:47
Under scrutiny: Neuromarketing in the brainsurgery

Posted by: Daniel Mullensiefen, Scientist in Residence, DDB UK

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Neuroscience is undoubtedly the hottest topic in advertising research at the moment. It generates high hopes for understanding consumer behaviour from a completely new perspective. From reading the brain’s activity, can you find out what really drives choices and consumer preferences beyond what people are able and willing to tell you on a questionnaire and in focus groups? Can brain imaging even reveal hidden desires and covert mechanisms that consumer themselves are not aware of? In sum, can neuroscience give us access to what people really think and feel?

As I said, the hopes for neuromarketing are high and thus no wonder recent years have seen a huge boom not only in academic studies but also in commercial companies popping up all around the world offering neuro-studies to the advertising and marketing world. To get a better understanding of this rapidly evolving area DDB UK hosted last week the first of its Brainsurgery workshops for clients and staff titled “Neuromarketing – Neuroscience or Neurononsense?” Two renowned neuroscientists from Goldsmiths, University of London, DDB’s academic partner, attacked this question from two complementary perspectives.

29 March 2011, 11:31
Algorithms are sexy. Privacy Is dead.

Posted by: Eugene Yiga, Knowledge Manager, Synovate Laboratories

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Don’t you just love those pithy sound bites that make for highly quotable quotes? Here’s one from Tony Effik of Publicis Modem New York: “Privacy, in its traditional form, is dead.” He and several other experts share their thoughts on personalised targeting in the current edition of Admap.

Wha? How can this be reconciled?

29 March 2011, 07:49
AA/Warc Expenditure Report - out now!

Posted by: Joseph Clift, Product Manager, Warc

Blog author

Think traditional media's dead already? Think again.

That's the message of the latest Expenditure Report, released by Warc and the Advertising Association earlier this week. The report, free topline data from which is available on Warc, showed that the UK ad industry continued its recovery in Q4 2010 - despite the broader economy's cold weather-induced contraction.

25 March 2011, 14:26
Cannes Lions, Warc Prize deadlines loom

Posted by: Joseph Clift, Product Manager, Warc

Blog author

Good news for tardy agencies: the entry deadline for the Cannes Lions been extended to April 8th, giving you an extra two weeks to make your submissions. As usual, the festival itself will take place in late June.

The deadline extension applies to all categories bar the Creative Effectiveness Lions; this category, new for 2011, was open to all of last year's winners, and will be judged on who can best prove the positive business results of their campaigns. Creative Effectiveness entries closed on March 4th - and successful case studies will be published on Warc after the winners are announced.

25 March 2011, 10:48
Ad Attack: Play It Again, Man!

Posted by: Eugene Yiga, Knowledge Manager, Synovate Laboratories

Blog author

Are some ads too fast for their own good?

Last week’s Ad Attack looked at two similar concepts from two different brands. One criticism for the Peugeot ad is that there’s simply too much going on. Perhaps that’s the point. Or perhaps it just makes your eyes hurt.

25 March 2011, 06:40

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