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GDPR: All you need to know

Posted by: Todd Ruback, Chief Privacy Officer, Ghostery

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It's not often that certain laws get a lot of attention, but the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – the massive piece of data protection legislation that will become effective 25 May 2018 – is the notable exception. It may seem like it's a long time before it comes into force, but with so much at stake, it's not too early to start thinking about what the GDPR is and how it will affect your business.

The EU has long been the leading jurisdiction when it comes to data protection and privacy laws, treating privacy as a fundamental human right through a series of legislative protections. But technology has jumped forward in the past few years, creating new business opportunities, all predicated upon the breath-taking growth of data collection and uses. The digital world presupposes borderless economies where data flows without impediment.  Online commerce, whether via a laptop or a mobile device, such as a phone or even a watch, is not a thing of the future, but is here right now and is quickly becoming the default channel for consumers to find the goods and services they want. The seller's location is not nearly as important anymore as ease and speed of transaction. The result is the need for an update of the aging body of EU data protection laws, thus the GDPR.

24 November 2016, 15:21
IJMR Editor's Blog: Why are polls getting it so wrong?

Posted by: Peter Mouncey, Editor-In-Chief, IJMR

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IJMR special issue

The USA has a new president-elect this week, but was this the result that the USA pollsters expected?  The polls were showing a close race for the White House, but the majority predicted a slight Clinton lead, which turned out to be false.

10 November 2016, 10:23
Time to move beyond #unstereotype

Posted by: J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman, Kantar Futures

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With Unilever starting to see positive results from its much publicised new purposeful approach, Kantar Futures executive chairman J Walker Smith says it's time for brands to set rather than simply follow this new agenda.

Unilever's shift in tactics towards advertising with purpose seems to be working. According to the company's executive vice president of global marketing Aline Santos, speaking at Advertising Week in New York in October, pursuing the #unstereotype initiative to end female stereotyping has produced ads that are "more relevant to consumers and connect more deeply with consumers."

02 November 2016, 11:53
What we have here... is a failure to communicate

Posted by: Eaon Pritchard, Head of Strategy - Government Services, Dentsu Aegis Network, Australia

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The announcement that Google has made small but significant adjustments to the way it handles the personal data collected from Google product users and the 'behavioural' data via its ad network, DoubleClick came and went with surprisingly little commentary.

In case you missed it, the previous policy had been:'We will not combine DoubleClick cookie information with personally identifiable information unless we have your opt-in consent'.

01 November 2016, 15:49
It all begins with a brief

Posted by: Faris Yakob, Co-founder, Genius Steals

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In August I delivered a Warc webinar entitled 'Beyond boring briefs: How to inspire great work' and it garnered the most attention and follow-up requests of any that we've done together. Lots of people seem to agree that briefs have become boring. Planners feel as if they are endlessly writing the same briefs, filling out the same forms, regardless of which agency, client or project they are working on.

Looking back in time and across agencies and geographies, we found a great deal of similarity. At the emergence of planning in the USA at Chiat/Day in the late 1980s, we can see the modern form of the brief emerge and solidify: a problem to be solved by advertising, consumers to target with messaging, a single thought, reasons to believe it, and some sense of the brand. My partner, Rosie, uncovered an internal memo written by Jane Newman at Chiat/Day that explains the problem with this sea of sameness: we are in the differentiation business, yet we fail to differentiate. The agency adopted account planning for a reason: "To achieve our creative philosophy of relevant distinctiveness, we've also applied that same creativity to how we structure ourselves both internally and dealing with clients." But what was heresy became orthodoxy and in many advertising agencies around the world, the structures and briefs are identical.

24 October 2016, 10:53
OMD Innovation Week: From AR to VR to MR

Posted by: Brian Carruthers, News Editor, Warc

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It may soon be time to add another acronym to your collection as mixed reality (MR) heaves into view. As part of Innovation Week, the week-long event being run by OMD UK, Arthur Tindsley and Frazer Hurrell, creative technologists at AOL's Partner Studio in London, demonstrated Microsoft's HoloLens and outlined how it differs from augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) options.

Virtual reality, as offered by the likes of Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift, is completely immersive and excludes the outside world. That leads to potential accidents as users forget that a table isn't real and go to lean on it only to fall on the floor. Plus they're tethered to a powerful PC that runs the applications. HTC Vive and Google Cardboard offer a different sort of VR experience using mobile.

20 October 2016, 14:52
Dark social is less murky with a big enough idea

Posted by: Nigel Hollis, Chief Global Analyst, Millward Brown

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With a world of information and entertainment at our fingertips, expectations of immediacy are higher than ever – but so too is the desire to connect with others. Social media is a powerful force for brand building, and one which is destined to become even more important in future.

While many marketers are fixated on trackable platforms like Facebook and Twitter, most social conversations happen through dark social platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat and good old fashioned text. The world of social sharing is far bigger than that considered in most digital media plans. The dark social space within this world is still considered to be largely off the radar – but it's a space that can help brands to offset ‘digital deficit disorder', amplifying their content to reach a much wider audience.

11 October 2016, 16:57
The Uberisation of FMCG

Posted by: Guest blog

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This is a guest blog from Alison Martin, Director, Kantar Worldpanel

It might not be as sexy as virtual reality or robots but, at this year's CES, grocery e-commerce has been the trend that's grabbed the interest of many marketers.

11 October 2016, 09:39
A good walk spoiled: The problem with moral licensing

Posted by: Richard Shotton, Head of Insight, ZenithOptimedia

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"All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking." Or so said the half-crazed philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. Brian Wansink took that one step further and conceived a great advertising thought while getting others to go walking.

Wansink, professor of psychology at Cornell University, recruited 56 subjects to walk a mile route. Half were told to test an MP3 player as they walked, stopping off at six places along the route to monitor sound quality. The other half were told the walk was exercise, and asked to monitor energy levels at the same set places. After the walk they returned their results, collected payment and were told they were free to go. Before they left they were invited to an all-you-can eat buffet the university had laid on.

03 October 2016, 14:36
The marketing world doesn't get friendship

Posted by: Guest blog

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This guest blog is written by Hannah Fisher, a planner at iris Worldwide

One of the things I observe on a regular basis is how incredibly important friendship is to many of the adults I know. It's not uncommon for our friends to be closer to us than our family, to see more of our personal highs and lows.

27 September 2016, 14:44

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