OSLO: Apple's iPad is delivering consistently higher eCPMs for publishers than rival mobile platforms, new analysis from Opera Software has suggested.

The tech firm's Q3 State of Mobile Advertising report, which used data from around 120bn ad impressions, suggested that eCPMs for Apple's iOS reached $1.64 over the three month period.

This total comfortably beat out RIM on $1.06 and Android on $0.88. Symbian, the operating system used by Nokia handsets, trailed well behind on $0.37.

Within Apple's total was an average eCPM of $1.48 for the iPhone and $4.42 for the iPad – making the market-leading tablet the top-performing individual device measured by the study. Over the three-month period, the iPad accounted for just over 5% of total traffic, but 17% of revenues.

Region by region, North America was the top mobile performer, and was the origin of 70% of the ad requests measured for the quarter. Asia Pacific was second on 14% and European Union nations were third on 10%.

The US was the top individual nation measured in terms of numbers of impressions, with Indonesia, Canada, the UK and India rounding out the top five.

By platform, mobile apps accounted for 73% of overall revenues, with the mobile web responsible for the remaining 27%.

Meanwhile, sports was the most lucrative category for mobile ads, taking a share of just over 15% of revenues. But in terms of impressions, social media platforms had the biggest reach, accounting for almost one in four of the mobile ads viewed during the quarter.

Data sourced from Opera; additional content by Warc staff