NEW YORK: Hard on the heels of its merger with Rentrak and a tie-up with Viacom, digital measurement company comScore has announced a strategic partnership with Adobe and promised there are more deals to come.

The arrangements are a major step forward in delivering comparable cross-platform video and audience measurement, which Jeremy Helfand, vice president of Adobe Primetime, described as "one of the industry's greatest friction points".

comScore and Adobe joining forces "provides seamless, census-based measurement of digital video content and ads for the most popular platforms, including TV, video on demand, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and over-the-top connected devices", the companies said in a statement.

Serge Matta, comScore CEO, told Ad Exchanger that "it's what the clients and industry need, and that's [to] bring cross-platform measurement at scale and measure it precisely everywhere on a global basis".

Helfand said that Adobe clients – ten of the largest media companies in the world rely on Adobe Marketing Cloud – would gain "more incremental value beyond what they already received from the use of our metrics" as a result.

In addition to using the data for business insight, he explained that it could be ported to a ratings partner like comScore and be used for advertising monetization. "That's a huge incremental opportunity."

The latest link-up comes just days after comScore partnered with global media brand Viacom, to give the latter access to comScore's cross-platform measurement tools and demographic capabilities in order to translate its own data into "a currency for transacting".

According to Bryson Gordon, SVP Data Strategy at Viacom: "This revolution in targeting, currency and measurement is the equivalent of shifting from black and white to color."

And comScore isn't stopping. "There are going to be several [more deals]," according to Matta, although he was vague on when they might happen. "These things take time. They're bigger deals. The market is definitely hungry and it's going to accelerate more of these deals happening."

Data sourced from Ad Exchanger, comScore; additional content by Warc staff