THE BURTON GROUP has recruited Eva Pascoe, joint founder and co-director of the Cyberia Café group, as its new director of online marketing. She will be responsible for the September roll-out of a series of retailing Web sites with full online ordering facilities. Currently on the drawing board are cyber-shops for Dorothy Perkins, Evans, and Burton’s Menswear, with Debenhams, Top Man/Top Shop and Principles waiting in the wings. Group strategy is to use the sites as a dry run for the anticipated mass market in electronic shopping via digital TV. Burton already has a number of promotional sites run in conjunction with publisher Condé Nast. These are described by Pascoe [with a touch of acid] as ‘very pictorial - you can see them but you can’t buy’. The template for future Burton online retailing is Innovations’ current Web site (}, which has achieved an impressive level of sales. Burton acquired the gizmo cataloguer in 1996 for £45m and Pasco attributes its onlinesuccess to the tight demographic match between Innovations’ customer profile and that of existing UK users to the Internet.