BERLIN: Increasing numbers of young German consumers are interested in receiving marketing materials like special offers on their mobile phones while in bricks and mortar stores, a study has found.

ECC Handel, the research firm, interviewed 761 adults, largely drawn from the 20-29 year old demographic, and described by the company as being "digital natives".

Just over 40% of the panel stated they would be willing to receive targeted mobile marketing communications while in stores, or stated a preference to access this material, a rise of 12% year on year.

Within this, 22% of interested shoppers expressed a "clear" desire to be sent these brand messages, and 18.2% took the same view with the addition of certain conditions, for example being able to choose what type of ads were received and how often.

More broadly, 89% of the audience open to this form of mobile marketing agreed the ability to refuse to take part in such schemes was very important.

Among the most popular potential forms of marketing material were discount coupons like "two for one offers", seen as useful by 87.6% of customers enthusiastic about receiving brand messages on a phone.

Similarly, 95% of this group also asserted that deals and vouchers transmitted in such a way would exert a positive influence on their purchase intent.

Data sourced from ECC Handel; additional content by Warc staff