MADRID: The amount of time young consumers in Spain dedicate to watching television is in decline, a new report has argued.

According to the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, the average adult spent 226 minutes a day in front of the TV in 2009.

This was largely static when measured against the corresponding figure of 226 minutes recorded in 2008, the SGAE revealed.

However, totals among younger viewers dropped from 190 minutes to 160 minutes, as the web drew members of this demographic away from traditional broadcast content.

Elsewhere, Procter & Gamble was found to be the leading TV advertiser in Spain having allocated €592m ($771m; £494m) to this channel last year.

It came in ahead of Danone on €111m, Telefonica on €243m and L'Oréal on €181m.

Reckitt Benckiser's expenditure reached €171m, followed by Unilever on €167m, Nestlé on €111m and Johnson & Johnson on €104m.

Data sourced from El Mundo/SGAE; additional content by Warc staff