SINGAPORE: Young people in Asia Pacific spend an average of over nine hours a day consuming various forms of media, with South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore among the countries where this total reaches a peak, according to figures from Synovate, the market research firm.

Asia Pacific is home to some of the most advanced digital markets in the world, and is thus argued to represent a sizeable opportunity for marketers looking to target consumers via interactive media.

Synovate's survey of 13,256 people aged between 8 and 24 years old in 12 countries in the Asia Pacific region – including China, Japan and Australia – found that 25% of respondents said they "couldn't live without" the internet.

Some 35% of participants also argued they used the internet more in 2008 than the previous 12 months, while 23% stated they watched television for longer, and 29% agreed that they planned their time around their favourite TV shows.

By contrast, a total of 64% of those surveyed thought they had dedicated the same amount of time reading newspapers and magazines as in 2007.

Young people in South Korea spend some 13.7 hours a day engaged in activities such as surfing the web, watching TV shows, reading newspapers and magazines and listening to the radio.

This figure fell to 12.7 hours in Hong Kong, and 12.6 hours in Singapore, where 35% of 8–24 year olds regularly write blogs, and 34% frequently read and comment on other people's blog posts.

Over half of this age group surveyed in the country also regularly update their social network profile pages and look at the profiles of other web users.

Data sourced from Brand Republic (Asia); additional content by WARC staff