SAN FRANCISCO: YouTube, the online video site, has taken steps to support content creators at all levels, as a new generation emerges every few months.

"We need to balance the great technology we have and bring this human access for every single creator," said Sebastien Missoffe, VP/operations at YouTube. "They can reach a human being at YouTube."

Accordingly, the site is offering a tiered level of service the exact nature of which depends on the numbers of subscriber a creator has, the Guardian reported.

Those with more than 100,000 subscribers are allocated a specific manager to work with, for example, while those with more than 10,000 can talk to YouTube partner managers. Creators with more than 1,000 subscribers can attend workshops and events to meet their peers, while the very smallest are able to contact YouTube directly with questions.

"A new generation of content creators is happening every couple of months," according to Missoffe.

"Every single day we have a thousand new channels reaching the 1,000 subscribers mark," he added. "Creators move very quickly from a couple of subscribers to a million-plus.

"It's a very dynamic ecosystem. We're not sure who is going to be the next channel with 50m subscribers like PewDiePie, but they are out there."

Alongside the extra assistance being offered, YouTube has promised to take more action to address what one social talent agent described as "the scourge of our business" – trolls.

"The key principle is being in control," Missoffe explained. "Comments can be important feedback, when they are done in a constructive way. But the more we're able to remove the harassment and the hate, the more successful the community will be."

"That sense of community is so important for YouTube. This is not just somewhere I'm watching video by myself. I'm watching it with a community of people who share my interests. Reading other people commenting on something I'm passionate about is something that makes YouTube unique."

Data sourced from The Guardian; additional content by Warc staff