LONDON: A study released Friday by Interpublic-owned media network Universal McCann reveals that ads on mobile internet and TV services are "irritating" to consumers.

According to Tom Smith, UM's research manager for EMEA, the research shows that the traditional rules of advertising apply.

"People like something that provides a benefit such as access to content, things like sponsorship, branded content, giving stuff away like Coca-Cola gave away songs on iTunes," he says.

The study suggests that branded content and opt-in Bluetooth downloads are better ways to reach the millions of people worldwide using portable gadgets such as phones, music players and games devices.

Consumers in the developing world were the most receptive to advertising in such media, notably China, Mexico and Thailand. Conversely, the USA, France and the UK were the least enthused

Notes Smith: "People always complain about things that are interruptive. It still works in traditional media but in this environment consumers have so much choice as to where they source content, and if it detracts from the experience they will go elsewhere."

The survey sampled 9,500 mobile device-users across twenty-one nations, all of whom also had an internet connection. The findings imply that marketing opportunities to reach on-the-move consumers are greater than ever.

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff