SAN FRANCISCO: As part of its declared aim of becoming a mobile-first company, tech giant Yahoo has announced a new suite of tools for app developers to help them advertise, measure and increase the reach of their mobile apps.

Unveiled last week at its first mobile developer conference in San Francisco, the suite includes five distinct products that bring together existing Yahoo features with those of Flurry, the mobile analytics platform it acquired last year.

The full mobile developer suite includes Flurry Analytics, Yahoo App Publishing, Yahoo App Marketing, Yahoo Search in Apps and Flurry Pulse.

By bringing the features together, the company wants to provide app developers with effective monetisation tools while also increasing the reach of Yahoo search and ads, Mashable reported.

It plans, in effect, to become a one-stop shop for app makers in its bid to become a larger player in a rapidly growing mobile market.

According to Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer, mobile is no longer a "hobby" for the company and revenue from mobile ads increased to $254m in the last quarter.

The new Flurry Analytics tool will provide developers with insights into how their apps are used while Flurry Pulse will allow developers to share their data with partners in a secure way.

Yahoo App Publishing will enable developers to integrate native ads into different app feeds, Yahoo App Marketing also uses Gemini to help developers target new users, while Yahoo Search in Apps is an integrated search tool for mobile apps.

Flurry currently has 200,000 app developers on its platform with 630,000 apps reaching 1.6bn devices and, according to the New York Times, Yahoo says that developers who include its ads in their apps will keep 60% of the revenue.

Data sourced from Yahoo, Mashable, New York Times; additional content by Warc staff