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World Press Freedom Day

News, 02 May 2003

Today, May 3, is World Press Freedom Day, an annual event.

WAMN, like almost every other publication (hard copy and online) is dependent on news feeds from a free and independent press – sadly still a dream even in the so-called free world.

In pursuit of the facts and their underlying truths forty-six journalists in 20 countries were murdered last year. And at least 136 journalists are currently imprisoned in twenty-seven countries.

This is the number of journalists currently imprisoned as a penalty for their pursuit of press freedom …

Algeria [2]
Bangladesh [4]
Belarus [3]
Burma [9]
China [39]
Cuba [1]
Democratic Republic of The Congo [2]
Egypt [1]
Eritrea [18]
Ethiopia [1]
Guinea [1]
India [1]
Indonesia [1]
Iran [2]
Kazakhstan [1]
Kuwait [2]
Nepal [16]
Niger [1]
Pakistan [1]
Russia [1]
Sierra Leone [1]
Syria [1]
Togo [2]
Tunisia [2]
Turkey [13]
Uzbekistan [3]
Vietnam [7]

We are proud to salute the courage of these heroes and urge all members of our industry to lobby long and hard for their release.

The directors and staff of WARC