Today, May 3, is World Press Freedom Day, an annual event.

WAMN, like almost every other publication (hard copy and online) is dependent on news feeds from a free and independent press – sadly still a dream even in the so-called free world.

In pursuit of the facts and their underlying truths forty-six journalists in 20 countries were murdered last year. And at least 136 journalists are currently imprisoned in twenty-seven countries.

This is the number of journalists currently imprisoned as a penalty for their pursuit of press freedom …

Algeria [2]
Bangladesh [4]
Belarus [3]
Burma [9]
China [39]
Cuba [1]
Democratic Republic of The Congo [2]
Egypt [1]
Eritrea [18]
Ethiopia [1]
Guinea [1]
India [1]
Indonesia [1]
Iran [2]
Kazakhstan [1]
Kuwait [2]
Nepal [16]
Niger [1]
Pakistan [1]
Russia [1]
Sierra Leone [1]
Syria [1]
Togo [2]
Tunisia [2]
Turkey [13]
Uzbekistan [3]
Vietnam [7]

We are proud to salute the courage of these heroes and urge all members of our industry to lobby long and hard for their release.

The directors and staff of WARC