LONDON - A survey released Monday suggests that soccer World Cup official sponsors Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Mastercard are already seeing a return on their investments in the tournament.

TNS Sport's World Cup Monitor survey shows more than 50% of TV viewers in the UK linked Coca-Cola with the World Cup, while 70% of German respondents did so.

The report also indictes that 70% of adults in Italy and Spain are interested in the World Cup. In Germany, this rises to 80%, likely due to 'new' fans attracted by the staging of the tournament in their home country.

TNSS expects these figures to increase for a period extending well beyond the four-weeks long soccer hypefest. Predicts TNS Sport managing director Richard Ames: "After the final, we will be running a second wave of the monitor in Europe and there is little doubt that the partners will make significant gains."