LONDON/SAN FRANCISCO: Women on both sides of the Atlantic have given their verdict about which brands deliver the best positive impression, with retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) winning in the UK while Band-Aid tops the rankings in the US.

Research firm YouGov revealed that M&S was the lead brand among women in the UK, according to its impression score rankings, which tracked brands over the 52 weeks to the end of January 2017.

M&S scored 58 points, placing it ahead of fellow retailer John Lewis (54), followed by Heinz (53), pharmacy chain Boots (53), BBC One (51), Sony (51), Dove (50), the Unilever soap brand, BBC iPlayer (49), Maltesers (49), the chocolate brand made by Mars, and Swiss chocolatier Lindt (48).

Referring to M&S, The Drum said: "The results are interesting given the major marketing changes the brand has implemented in an attempt to revive its flagging clothing business.

"For its 2016 Christmas campaign, the retailer shifted tactics again to try to reach 'Mrs M&S' after the previous year's modern and fast-paced Christmas campaign fell flat."

Tesco, the largest retailer in the UK, emerged as the most improved brand over the last year, having gained 13 points, while holiday operator Thomas Cook saw a 12-point rise.

Turning to the US, YouGov said this year's rankings of the brands best perceived by women heavily involved brands in the home-based products and internet categories.

Band-Aid was the top brand in the US with an impression score of 71.5, but other leading home-care brands included Dawn (63), the dishwashing liquid, Clorox household cleaner (59.5), breakfast cereal Cheerios (59.3), and Dove (58.2). was ranked second overall with an impression score of 67.7, while Google (62.8) and YouTube (59.2) were two other internet brands in the top 10.

"Amazon, often called 'The Everything Store', likely represents the most convenient and widely used online shopping experience, as well as for music and video streaming," noted Ted Marzilli, the global business lead at YouGov BrandIndex.

Data sourced from The Drum, YouGov; additional content by Warc staff