CHICAGO: American women are increasingly influential for the alcoholic beverages market and, in particular, young women and those from ethnic minorities will shape the future of the industry, a new report has stated.

The "2014 Special Trends in Adult Beverage Report: Women's Purchases and Preferences" comes from Technomic, the food and drink industry insights firm.

It says women are more likely than the general population to spend more on adult beverages than last year (30% versus 19%) and they are also more likely than the general population to try out new beverages to drink at home (42% versus 35%).

Furthermore, women are more likely to "take cues" when deciding what to order and are influenced by menu descriptions (39% versus 29% of the general population) and samples (32% versus 26%).

"Men are traditionally the target of adult beverage marketing initiatives, but women truly are influencers," said Donna Hood Crecca, senior director at Technomic.

"We find women are increasing their knowledge of adult beverages, open to promotions, interested in trying new drinks and eager to share their discoveries with others," she added.

Not surprisingly, younger women are shown to be more open to trying beers and strong ciders than older (35+) women, but the report also found women from ethnic minorities consume more alcoholic drinks than white women, who are also less likely to order spirits.

Among women aged 21 to 34, the most popular drinks consumed on-premise are domestic regular beer (71%), imported beer (66%), domestic light beer (64%), flavoured malt (62%), craft beer (58%) and strong cider (54%).

By contrast, for women aged over 35, domestic light beer is the on-premise alcoholic drink of choice for 38%, followed by domestic regular beer (35%), imported beer (34%) and craft beer (30%).

Data sourced from Technomic; additional content by Warc staff