NEW YORK: Most female consumers in the US watch content on YouTube but few subscribe to branded channels there, while Facebook is fast emerging as their preferred place to discover videos.

These findings came from a survey of 2,456 women by SheSpeaks, a marketing company focused on this audience, which also found fewer than half of those polled subscribed to a branded YouTube channel.

"They are not always finding content that is relevant to them," said Aliza Freud, CEO and founder of SheSpeaks.

However, when they did find it, these women were watching a lot of videos: fully 82% viewed at least one a week, while 33% watched multiple videos every day.

While almost 100% of respondents used YouTube, Facebook was gaining ground, as 83% said this was where they discovered videos. Another 71% also shared them via this platform.

These figures put the social networking giant far ahead of other sourcing and sharing options among women.

Other ways to discover videos included "websites" (54%), word of mouth (49%), blogs (36%), Twitter (27%) and Instagram (21%).

After Facebook, the most popular ways of sharing were email (41%), bringing someone's attention to what's present on one's own screen (37%), Twitter (27%), Instagram (13%) and personal blogs (12%).

As always, humour is an important reason to share: 83% of women were most likely to share funny or cute videos.

Other reasons to share videos were because the content was informative (77%), contained performances of favourite artists (64%), were inspiring or uplifting (54%) or related to current affairs or pop culture (42%).

Laptops were the preferred device for viewing, chosen by 32% of respondents, ahead of desktops (25%), smartphone (25%) and tablet (16%).

Commenting on the findings, Guy Yalif, vp/global marketing at BrightRoll, told AdWeek "savvy marketers that are targeting women are able to leverage tools that let them put data to work – such as ad-effectiveness optimisation and pricing management to efficiently reach women."

Data sourced from SheSpeaks, AdWeek; additional content by Warc staff