Internet access by Spaniards is set to increase fourfold by 2005, according to a report published this week by Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica.

The in-depth study – Information Society in Spain, 2001-2005 Perspective – highlights two key factors that will drive this dramatic growth. (1) Ongoing development of wideband at affordable prices; and (2) across-the-board reduction of interactive terminal prices – in certain regions of Spain these have fallen recently by between 35% and 50%.

Geographically, Madrid leads the rush online with annual growth at 80% above the national average, although there are marked regional variations. Net usage growth in Cataluña, for example, is significantly lower at 34%, and lower yet in the Basque country at around 18%. In stark contrast, Extremadura is growing at some 52% below the national average.

News source: Daily Research News Online