BATH, England: Even the most awesome marketing tempest begins as a gentle zephyr - the first breath of which will waft across the USA, France and the UK later this month in the shape of Windows Vista: The Official Magazine and its accompanying website.

Published by Bath-headquartered Future plc, whose stable includes a string of IT magazines, the new Vista promotional project will be licensed to publishing partners in eight other nation, including Australia, Brazil, Germany, Portugal and South Africa - with subsequent rollout to the rest of the known world.

The magazine and its associated websites will peddle information and propaganda about Microsoft's latest operating system.

Says company spokeswoman Cynthia Crossley: "The magazine is an important part of our communications strategy and will ensure our customers can get the best out of their new operating system."

But battle-hardened Windows veterans say they will eschew the new 'miracle product' until the US software giant is moved to issue Vista service pack 2 - scheduled, on past form, sometime in 2008.

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