Websites affiliated to CBS, which televised the premier sporting event, number among the big winners at Super Bowl XXXV, according to research from Jupiter Media Metrix.

The site attracted 858,000 unique visitors on Sunday and Monday, 201.5% above the average for the previous three weeks. Meanwhile, drew in 1.1 million surfers (an 84.5% rise on the three-week average);, the site it produced and cross-promoted, 833,000 (up 377.8%); and 422,000 (up 33.3%).

Jupiter dubs this surge in online traffic in the wake of CBS’s in-game programming “a benchmark”, since visitor numbers to most other sports sites stayed flat.

Dotcom advertisers on CBS television also saw a surge in unique visitors following the Super Bowl. saw a 47.8% jump over the previous three weeks to 526,000 during Sunday and Monday; received 328,000 (up 101.3%); and 706,000 (up 5.3%).

This is the third successful Super Bowl for career site, which has announced it attracted 8.1m job searches after the game, with 42,556 resumés submitted on January 29 – a 172% jump from the day before the game and a 123% rise over the number received after last year’s event.

News source: Advertising Age - Interactive Daily