LONDON: Internet users in Europe now dedicate over 27 hours to the web a month, with consumers in the UK, the Netherlands and Turkey among the most engaged overall.

Drawing on data from 48 markets, comScore, the research firm, reported that there were 381m web users in the region in December 2011, spending 27.5 hours online apiece, and accessing 2,935 pages.

Russia boasts the largest audience on 53.3m, ahead of Germany on 51m, France on 43m and the United Kingdom on 37.5m. Italy was some way further back on 24.5m, with Turkey on 23.4m.

In terms of usage levels, the United Kingdom led with a typical monthly total of 35.6 hours, bettering Turkey's 33.7 hours, and the 32.2 hours recorded in the Netherlands.

By contrast, figures fell to 15 hours in Austria, 17.7 hours in Spain and 19 hours in Switzerland, considerably behind the average.

Internet users visited an average of 3,975 pages in December 2011, with Poland, the Netherlands and the UK the other nations crossing the 3,000-page benchmark.

Google's sites attracted 350.2m people in December, making it the leading platform on this measure. Facebook had the highest engagement rate, as its 258.1m visitors were active for a collective 93.3bn minutes.

Vkontakte, a competitor to Facebook in Russia, had the strongest scores when discussing individual usage, as the typical member utilised this site for 7.9 hours in the month.

When assessing the fastest-growing sites during December, comScore found, a Russian social network owned by Hamboorner Holdings, logged the best ratings, up 52% to 10.3m visitors.

Opera, the software firm, enjoyed a 36% leap to 24.2m users, while Samsung's portfolio of sites attracted 16.1m users, a 22% improvement month on month.

Data sourced from comScore; additional content by Warc staff