NEW YORK: Consumers in South America are the most engaged with online advertising when compared with their counterparts around the world, a new study has found.

Eyeblaster partnered with Microsoft Advertising and comScore to analyse 20 online ad campaigns, ten of which delivered impressive results and ten which fell below industry benchmarks.

More specifically, they aimed to assess dwell times, or the overall length of exposure to ads, and dwell rates, in terms of how many netizens interacted with these executions.

The campaigns with the best performance in these areas produced a 39% uptick in brand search terms entered on sites like Google, compared with 12% for their less effective counterparts.

Similarly, the communications efforts which genuinely connected with consumers led to a 17% increase in traffic to official websites and also boosted page views and browsing levels.

In contrast, the ten initiatives that did not meet expectations generated a 10% improvement in the number of people logging on to corporate websites.

Advertising which included video also pushed the dwell rate up by 29% and almost doubled the dwell time overall.

By format, expandable banners had a dwell rate of over 40%, falling to 35% for "polite banners" and 5% for "floating ads" laid over the top of content and "commercial breaks" shown before a page loads.

Eyeblaster also studied 13,000 ads and 13 billion rich media impressions to ascertain which internet portals generated the best conversion rates.

Instant messaging platforms posted the best figures, with a dwell rate of 13% and an average exposure of nearly eight minutes.

Elsewhere, geo-location services and portals aimed at children had a dwell rate of 9% based on a typical usage time of 100 seconds.

Music, travel and news services also saw 7% of consumers interact with ads, although this figure slipped below 5% for social networks.

To gain an understanding of regional preferences, this data was supplemented with statistics drawn from 170 billion impressions in six regions and 50 different countries.

Overall, clickthrough levels were highest in South America, averaging out at 0.55% for rich media ads and 0.15% for banner ads.

These totals decreased to 0.4% and 0.1% in Europe and South Asia, and to around 0.3% and 0.1% for East Asia.

North America and Australia/New Zealand both recorded scores of less than 0.2% and 0.1% on these measures in turn.

Dwell rates peaked at 11% in South America, falling  to 9% in South Asia, 8% in Europe and 6% in East Asia, and 5% in North America and Australia/New Zealand.

The report concluded that the differences in these areas could be explained by the varying maturity of each of these markets.

Data sourced from Eyeblaster; additional content by Warc staff