US internet revenues totalled $2.9 billion in 2000, according to the latest figures released by CMRi AdNetTrackUS. The figure is 52.6% up on 1999 and equated to 3.04% of all adspend – nearly double that of 1999's 1.75%

The biggest online advertiser was General Motors which spent $47.9 million across all its brands, 96.5% up on the previous year. In second place was Microsoft at $25.5m (all brands), 31% down on the year before.

The most profligate single brand was Barnes & Noble, at $15.9m marginally ahead of Amazon’s $15.0m. The rivals’ spend was up on 1999, respectively by 55.8% and 24.7%.

Yahoo! attracted the most ad revenue with a 60.2% increase to $442m, well ahead of its nearest rival the Excite network which rose by 53% to $249m.

By sector, the media and advertising industry spent the most on internet advertising: up 83.4% to $542.2m. In the number two slot, retailers spent $510.8m, a 73.6% increase on 1999.

News source: Advertising Age - Interactive Daily