US Attorney General John Ashcroft warned yesterday that the latest computer ‘worm’, dubbed Nimda [‘admin’ in reverse], could prove a greater threat to corporate systems than this summer’s disruption caused by the so-called ‘Code Red’ vermiform. The case had been referred to the FBI, said Ashcroft.

Nimda’s prime characteristic is said be a notable aggression, spreading with such rapidity that email and web-browsing are either impossible or drastically slowed.

According to one anti-virus specialist, the virus-like code includes a tainted file, admin.dll, that self-propagates across computer networks. Although not directly erasing data, Nimda adds or modifies so many files that it is extremely difficult to remove from infected machines.

[WAMN has checked the veracity of the warning via the Symantec website – – which accords Nimda Category 4 status and refers visitors to a Microsoft patch and information available at].

News source: Wall Street Journal