An overview of America's moms proved the most popular article among Warc's US clients in the last 12 months, although other widely-read items showed this group had a variety of topics on their minds.

The report on US mothers, from the Futures Company's Yankelovich Monitor, is a deep dive into the "mom market", including segmentation and the role children play in mothers' decision-making.

Consumer trends and behaviour are a strong feature of the top ten, with an assessment of the "millennial market", a look at behavioural economics and an analysis of purchase decisions all featuring.

Unsurprisingly, there is also a hunger for information on digital marketing. In particular, an article on the relationship between television and online search, and a piece on social media, were influential.

Elsewhere, the list contained a couple of features on the ad business: one a provocative roundtable from Admap's issue on the future of planning, the other a best practice guide to briefing agencies.

Data sourced from Warc