LONDON/WASHINGTON: Campaigns from brands including Pedigree, Canon, Ford and Citibank are all featured on the longlist for the $10,000 Warc Prize for Innovation 2012.

The Prize is a worldwide search offering $10,000 in cash to the best case study of communications innovation involving any country, discipline, product sector or budget size.

Overall, 20 entries made the longlist, drawn from a wide variety of markets, such as Argentina, China, India, Malaysia, Norway, Romania, the UK and the US. Warc subscribers can read these papers here.

The entries feature a wide variety of technologies and approaches to branding. These include a Pedigree Dog Adoption campaign which used facial scanning to find physical similarities between dog lovers and homeless dogs, and ambitious branded content initiatives from Canon and GSK's denture care brand, Polident.

For its part, Ford tried to stimulate interest in its Focus model among drivers from the Czech Republic by drawing on consumers' love of cars and DIY. It took a tongue-in-cheek tone, suggesting they try to modernise their own car at home rather than buying a new one.

Citibank's paper discussed an initiative run in India during Diwali, and which aimed to boost cardholder spending by 25% and activate 10% of the dormant user base, alongside enhancing brand preference scores.

A judging panel led by Jonathan Mildenhall, Coca-Cola's vice president, global advertising strategy and content excellence, will be responsible for choosing the winning case study for the Warc Prize for Innovation 2012.

All of the eligible papers will be made available to read on Warc when the winner is announced.

To view a run-down of the longlist, click here.

Data sourced from Warc