When Warc unveiled the Warc 100 in July 2014, it attracted a lot of attention, with advertisers and agencies keen to see where they featured in the ranking of the world's best marketing campaigns, based on performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions.

The news story announcing the launch of the Warc 100 was the single most-read story of the year.

Say hello to the 7Ps of marketing was the second most-read news story of 2014, written by Toni Keskinen, consultant and part of the Future CMO movement, who outlined an updated version of the fundamentals of marketing for an omnichannel, real-time environment in which everything is available and traceable.

Social media matters also generated interest, particularly news of a decline in the number of users among the market leaders. Facebook and Twitter usage drops highlighted the findings of a UK survey early in the year which showed one in ten users had stopped using these sites, largely because they'd lost interest.

The appearance of a story about pharmaceutical firm Novartis in fourth spot was something of a surprise, less so the subject matter which concerned its embrace of social to showcase the innovative and essential work it is doing.

The fifth story was about the Indian Premier League cricket tournament, a major event which has been dogged by controversy, and this year the opening games clashed with the country's general election. So the news that advertisers were cautious about participating attracted a lot of interest in that part of the world

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Data sourced from Warc