For the first time in at least 65 years an ad is to appear on the front page of the venerable US business organ, the Wall Street Journal.

The 'jewel box' position in the bottom right corner of the page is expected to prove popular with advertisers seeking to reach the globe's most powerful business movers and shakers.

The newspaper, published by Dow Jones, will reintroduce advertising to its front page from September. As an alternative to the jewel box option it will also offer a 'banner' ad running along the bottom of the page.

Comments evp Gordon Crovitz: "We think advertisers will see that there is significant value in advertising on the front page of the Wall Street Journal."

The newspaper, which began life in 1889, is following in the footsteps of Gannett's USA Today and Pearson's Financial Times in the UK in adopting front page advertising.

Last September, the WSJ began running an ad on the front of its Money & Investing section. A similar ad was subsequently inserted on the front of the Marketplace section and the front pages of the European and Asian editions.

The company has also unveiled plans to shrink the paper's width by around three inches next year, a move contemplated by other publications seeking to cut costs as ad revenues migrate to the web.

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff