Retail giant Wal-Mart is discussing the possibility of joining the Family Friendly Programming Forum, a group of advertisers dedicated to promoting non-controversial broadcasting on network television.

Speaking at the Association of National Advertisers’ Television Advertising Forum, FFPF co-chairman Bob Wehling predicted that the talks with Wal-Mart would conclude within the next month, before the start of the up-front ad buying season.

If it decides to join the FFPF, Wal-Mart will become the Forum’s forty-third member. Fellow family-focused advertisers include Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble (where Wehling is global marketing officer).

The FFPF sponsors the development of scripts for non-controversial programming in association with networks. If a script is turned into a pilot, the network refunds the expenses incurred by the forum in the development process. Wehling's co-chair Andrea Alstrup, also speaking at the Television Advertising Forum, announced that eleven shows co-developed by the FFPF are currently under consideration by three different networks.

News source: Advertising Age - Daily Deadline