Omnicom-owned WWAV Rapp Collins, Britain's largest direct marketing agency, is to launch Optima Direct – a clone of Omnicom’s similarly named stateside operation.

The fledgling will specialise in customer contact management and executive control of telemarketing programmes backing high volume response activities such as DRTV.

It claims to manage all elements of a client’s customer contact, for example sending Optima consultants into call centres to brief and train staff to ensure that campaign/brand objectives are met.

Managing director Ken Carlon, a former senior vp at Optima US, explains the shop’s credo: "Companies spend millions on advertising to build a brand image and too often find that image being destroyed at the first point of customer contact. Optima will ensure that we deliver a customer experience that fulfils the promise of the advertising."

Matthew Eccles, group development director of WWAV Rapp Collins Group, will chair the new venture.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)