Given the operatic egos involved, it is unsurprising that difference s between the two star performers have resulted in a melodramatic first act finale for Sir Martin Sorrell's musical masterwork, WPP Italia.

Sadly, the love duet between star performers, country manager Marco Benatti and local managing director Daniela Weber, degenerated during 2005 into increasingly dissonance, triggering intervention this weeked by orchestrational virtuoso Sorrell.

It seems diva Weber was not in empathetic accord with Benatti's interpretation of the WPP Italia libretto, their many clashes during 2005 enlivening a dramatic plot but rescoring a hitherto harmonious duet as a brace of atonal arias.

Maestro Sorrell, not unnaturally perturbed at these interpretational differences within his otherwise euphonic WPP canon, intervened in manner not only con brio but fortissimo to boot. Siding with diva Weber, the Sorrell baton descended with an accompanying clash of cymbals on the lead tenor who promptly made a dramatic exit.

As the curtain slowly descended on the act, maestro and diva took their bows to muted applause as the Rigoletto-like figure of Benatti trudged into the wings humming La donna è mobile and dialling his lawyers.

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