Browsing leading US email marketing news site, we were delighted on 16-Nov-01 to happen on an article, The Wheat From the Chaff, by columnist Peter Kaufman. He wrote …

“Last Sunday morning began like every other Sunday morning. I fired up the computer and strolled through my four email addresses. Then I did something I had promised myself weeks earlier I'd do: unsubscribed from every email that didn't directly benefit me.

“There were some tempting offers, but I was brutal. I took myself off more than 100 email newsletters, business roundtables, and forums I once thought I couldn't live without.

“What I was left with were my core email newsletters. The ones that matter. If you don't receive enough email (yeah, right) and are looking for newsletters that teach you something and connect you with others in the industry, give these a try … [just seven titles follow, of which one is …]

World Advertising and Marketing News. A terrific resource for worldwide advertising news. Check out the site or subscribe to the newsletter.”

Thanks, Peter!

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