LONDON: Volkswagen has been named the world's smartest automotive brand and advertiser, with Cundari the top creative agency for automotive campaigns, according to rankings based on the Warc 100 database.

Volkswagen led the way for individual automotive brands on 111 points, ahead of Ford on 85 and Mercedes-Benz on 73. For advertisers – here defined as companies that own one or more brands – Volkswagen scored 119 points, ahead of General Motors on 108 and the Ford Motor Company on 93.

The Warc 100 is an annual ranking of the world's 100 best marketing campaigns and companies, based on their performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions. Over the past year, Warc has tracked more than 1700 winners in 75 different competitions, assigning points based on the awards won (for example, Gold, Silver or Bronze), then weighting those points based on the competition's rigour and prestige in the global industry.

These rankings have been generated by the Warc 100 table builder. Available exclusively to Warc subscribers, this tool allows users to put together their own bespoke datasets, filtering the Warc 100 database by company type – agency, network, brand and so on – product category and location.

When the database of award results is filtered to include automotive camapaigns only, it was Cundari in Toronto that came out top among creative agencies, scoring 42 points. Team Detroit, a WPP-owned agency, was just behind on 41, with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners third on 29.

Meanwhile, Proximity Worldwide, a digital agency network, and its sister network BBDO Worldwide were the top agency network for automotive campaigns, with 76 and 65 points respectively. This pattern was repeated for holding companies, with Proximity and BBDO's parent company Omnicom Group scoring top on 336 points to WPP's 235.

When these rankings are extended across all product categories, Colenso BBDO in New Zealand was the number one creative agency, with BBDO Worldwide and Omnicom finishing first on the agency network and holding companies rankings respectively. The brands and advertisers rankings, across all product categories, were won by Coca-Cola and Unilever.

Earlier in the year, Warc announced its inaugural Warc 100, ranking the 100 smartest marketing campaigns of the past year. This ranking was led by 'Vodafone Fakka', a campaign from JWT Cairo for telecoms firm Vodafone.

Data sourced from Warc