The chic French Mediterranean resort of Cannes, famed for its luxury yachts, festivals, topless starlets and astronomic prices, has elected a notable adman to its civic helm.

Gaining just under 50% of the total vote, Bernard Brochand, vice-chairman of DDB Worldwide, swept the board in the March 18 poll for city mayor and will lead the newly-elected center-right coalition elected to run Cannes for the next six years.

Brochand’s victory was a triumph of self-branding, positioning himself as a ‘white knight’ among the city’s scandal-ridden politicos. His considerable personal fortune, accrued during a long career in the global ad industry, would, he argued, make him Cannes’ first “incorruptible” mayor. He backed this USP with a self-financed battery of direct mail, one-to-one marketing and outdoor advertising.

One mayoral perk that Brochand will particularly enjoy is the ‘honorary presidency’ of the annual advertising festival. Senior industry figures connected with the adfest are said to be hopeful that M le Mayor will look favorably on requests from his peers for greater use of Cannes’ famed beaches for agency parties.

News source: AdAge Global