BEIJING: Visa, Carrefour and KFC are among the brands making headway with Chinese consumers, a survey has revealed.

Insights provider Prosper China polled 19,051 people, all relatively affluent and in the 18-54 year old demographic, and found 61.4% were "confident" or "very confident" about China's economic prospects in the next six months.

Such a score can be measured against one of 54.1% from the closing quarter of last year, and 63.8% in the first three months of 2010.

Turning to the job market, 30.9% of the sample predicted conditions would depreciate in the short term, decreasing from 36.4% across Q4 2010, but surpassing the 25.4% yielded in Q1 2010.

A third of interviewees agreed their financial situation has improved, marking a slight moderation on the 37% lodged in Q1 2010 and beating the 31.6% secured in Q4 2010.

The amount of participants who believed they are currently storing away enough money to meet their future requirements hit 27.8%, an uptick both annually and quarterly.

Equally, 41.2% expressed a desire to increase their individual savings rate going forward, the study showed.

Despite this, the proportion of respondents focusing on "needs" rather than "wants" declined, as only 39% of consumers are now prioritising necessities, down from 42.2% in Q4 2010.

Similarly, just 39% of contributors have become more practically-orientated in their purchase behaviour, a view adopted by 42.2% during the previous round of analysis.

As a result of fluctuating petrol prices, 11.9% are buying greater numbers of store brands, 39.6% were conducting more research online and 16.9% reclaim coupons with heightened frequency.

Meanwhile, 27.4% are seeking out sales and deals, and 19.9% make fewer shopping trips than before.

Visa was the leading credit card used for making personal payments, on 47%, followed by Bank Debit Card, logging 29.5%, and MasterCard, with 10.1%.

The categories where people typically utilise credit cards are electronics and furniture, returning 43%, while clothing achieved 32.9%, and health and beauty delivered 30.3%.

Nearly 45% of Prosper China's survey community own a car, including 8.8% possessing an Audi, ahead of Volkswagen's 7.9%, Xiali's 7.7%, and the 7% posted by Honda and Buick.

Over a quarter of consumers hope to obtain a new car in the next six months, with 11.2% wishing to acquire an Audi, standing at 8.3% regarding Xiali, 6.9% concerning Volkswagen, and 6.7% for BMW.

Carrefour remained the grocery chain which shoppers attend most often, registering 14.1%, bettering Wal-Mart's 13.9% and DaRunFa's 7.5%.

Ecommerce platform Taobao held first position when purchasing apparel and clothing, generating 14.7%, trailed by Parkson's 7.1% and New World's 5.4%.

Guomei performed best for electronics, on 31.5%, as Suning reached 23% to claim second.

KFC took the honours for fast food, with 30.8%, doubling McDonald's comparative 15.3%, and easily outshining Pizza Hut's 5.7%.

Starbucks was the premier coffee destination, on 21.2%, as KFC recorded 18.7% and McDonald's attained 11.5%.

At present, 95.6% of those questioned research products on the web then snap them up in stores, with apparel, electronics, appliances and shoes most commonly coming under the online spotlight.

In all, 94.7% of participants either regularly or occasionally buy goods and services via the net, and 87.6% search the internet on a mobile phone with the same degree of regularity.

Data sourced from Prosper China; additional content by Warc staff