A new email virus, which disguises itself as a message about the attacks on the World Trade Center, yesterday began its scabrous the rounds.

The virus is contained in a file, WTC.exe, attached to an email encouraging readers to vote for peace – hence its nickname Vote. “Peace Between America and Islam!” declares the missive’s subject header, while the text continues: “Hi. Is it a war against America or Islam? Let’s vote to live in peace!”

Antivirus software firms rate Vote as low to medium risk, since relatively few of their customers have so far come into contact with it. However, the widespread interest in the email’s purported subject may, they warn, make it dangerous.

“It’s unfortunate that people are taking advantage of current events in this way. But I can't say I’m surprised,” commented Trend Micro spokeswoman Susan Orbuch. “I'm hoping this is just a flash in the pan.”

News source: MediaWeek.com (USA)